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Help Need help with my team instructions!!!


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Hi all,

I really need some help with my save. I am managing Arsenal at the moment. So unlike previous edition of the game, where I would go through some of the tactics in this forum and find a plug and play tactics that matches the formation I want to play and having player roles to match. What I find with plug and play tactics are that they are not very free flowing and goals are made from free kicks, penalty or corners.

So for this year's edition I decided to do something a bit different. I would look at the A.I. opposition and see what formation, roles and tactical shape they are using and if they match my team I would use it in the match against them to see how my players compare. The result is very positive and shows that my team and the opposition are somewhat evenly match.

My biggest problem is I am not sure what Defensive and Attacking instructions to select to emulate the opposition style of play. I find that I have slightly better possession and shots but yet I can't score.

I will now list 3 formations along with all the instructions I believe works but not 100% flawless.













I am very happy with the roles and the tactical shape of each of the formation, which I believe does not need to be changed whatsoever.

The most common negative I get post match is "lone striker struggled to get into the game", "striker didn't test opposition keeper enough".

Hopefully someone here can help.


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18 hours ago, Hieberflab said:


For this one I'd go Wide. I generally play Wide when I place 5 players in a line, be it at the back, down the middle or up top. It's a bunch so I stretch play in order to increase my options for attack. At the same time we become much harder to defend against due to the increased width. Often we outnumber the opposition in that strata. 

18 hours ago, Hieberflab said:

The most common negative I get post match is "lone striker struggled to get into the game", "striker didn't test opposition keeper enough

For both 4-2-3-1 formations I'd make more use of your TM's Aerial ability and Strength. Put 1 or 2 Wingers in there or turn FBs into WBs. The extra crosses per game this generates will bring your TM more into the game. 

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