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Career Danish going defenderless in Paris (Completed)

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Since it’s holiday I’ve decided to do the challenge created by @Foxy , the Defendeless Challenge

The Club

As shown in the title the club surely will be...


PSG will be easy for us.

No worries people this career are half done. I’ll show some sneak peek 



N’Golo Kante just became another expensive signing for PSG and I don’t have much after spending a fortune for Kante so we had to buy those cheap guys


Sold some of our defenders while the rest were demoted


Our Majestic formation are here


We got knocked out in the UCL but that won’t stop us from steamrolling the league with over 3 goals per match in average

The next update will be in a few hours

Edited by Lord Danish
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1 hour ago, Kun Aguero said:

You better don't get thrashed like how you did in your "Most goals scored in a game" submission in the Record Store lol 😂, best of luck.

No that won’t happen again. I’ve been trying this for months and now I’m dominating the fking League Un

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1/2 Season update

A very good first half of the season for PSG


First in the and unbeaten, conceding only 11 goals and 3 goals per game

Players stats4A7FA003-68C8-4B73-BF1D-23364C43F11C.thumb.png.197d34d35c485ca48cb8f1ae38bc0bf6.pngFDF5F006-A16D-424E-B9BD-E4B2A177D670.thumb.png.0805749b7c866a9f77f1980bd2c462ec.png33DE47A8-14A2-438F-ABFC-7B9FD31B0AA1.thumb.png.85e468d41b8a0e801a43a42b0d4b0490.png


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Full season update

We had a good start for the second half of the season but we struggled towards the end due to injury crisis. Still managed to complete the challenge 


Won the league early with that 26 points clear


Also got the Coupe De Ligue BKT easily


Final league table. An unbeaten season with 102 points and 107 goals scored and 26 conceded 



114 GD. What a score it is. @Foxy please add me to the leaderboard 

Players award

no fun using the in game record. We are going to have our own created award


The Zlatan Ibrahimovic award


Edison Cavani. Being our top scorer while also in his 30s


The Juninho Pernambucano award



Being an important part for our side as the main playmaker. Half of his goals and assists came from free kicks

The Didier Drogba award



Not an impressive stats but all those came from important big games.

The Goal stealer award



He’s been stealing tons of other players goals in fact all of them are tap ins

The David Luiz Award



An unexpected signing but proved to be a solid player for our team.

The Thierry Henry award

The Final and the best award winner is....



Has been a total revelation to our team. Assisting 22 goals and scored 10




Edited by Lord Danish
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How in earth.. nice score! Maybe I should ditch my defenders also, maybe that will stop the ridiculous backpasses to the goalie 😁

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32 minutes ago, Dagion said:

How in earth.. nice score! Maybe I should ditch my defenders also, maybe that will stop the ridiculous backpasses to the goalie 😁

It’s a no big deal when Kante is your DM alongside Gueye they’re unstoppable 

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4 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

No defenders = no defeats. Crazy stuff, don't see that working in any other league than France 😁 well done! 

Yeah surprise how weak the French league is

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