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Career Manisa Büyükşehir Belediyespor- Climbing up Turkish Football


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I chose this club as they were one of the smallest clubs in lowest Turkish League. The club was only established in 1994. How far could I take this small team from Turkey?


The Stadium and Facilities were pretty basic when I arrived at the club. The Facilities were basic/poor standard.The stadium only had a capacity of 1,000!


The training system was delegated to my Assistant Manager. The Staff were all bronze standard when I arrived but developed throughout my time there. Finances were kept in the green, especially due to selling off some of the lower quality players & some of the higher quality players when bigger clubs came in.


I used my Tiki Taka System for this club. The system both worked unbelievably well and very badly. This was indicated by my results which were finishing 11th in 1st season, League Winners in 2nd Season, straight promotion in 3rd Season and Relegated in 4th Season- Very frustrating!


The squad actually had fairly good quality when I first arrived but required adjustments.  The players that left freed up big money for us to build and develop the squad. I mostly bought younger players with excellent fitness stats. Despite back to back promotions, this transfer system did not work in the Turkish Premier League.


The results on the whole were unbelievable with back to back promotions to the top of Turkish Football. The season in the 1st division was my favourite with Promotion/ Winners on our 1st season in the division! The lowest moment was our 4th season in the top division which went horribly wrong for an unknown reason- same philosophies used but quality was so much better than ours🤦🏻‍♂️



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