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That generally happens when a player's (hidden) Professionalism value is not high enough. The lower the value, the more often it happens. A lot of other things come into it too - player who's not playing is less likely to be overly relaxed than one (with the same Professionalism value) who is playing. They are more likely to be relaxed against teams with a lower reputation (eg Silva is too good for Crystal Palace to worry him) and in certain competitions (especially domestic cups). But it all comes back to Professionalism - a player with a high value won't have that problem at all.

I just created a new save and David Silva has a value of 11 for me, which isn't terrible, but is low enough to trigger it for Crystal Palace. If he had 14 or higher, it would be unlikely to happen at all, and it would happen less often with 13 or 12 than 11 (obviously).

As @Lord Danish said, disciplining him can cause him to pull his socks up and I have seen that improve Professionalism - but it's not guaranteed (sometimes they ignore you or just get angry). For young players you can assign them to a mentor with a high value for Professionalism (because you can't see it in the game, you have to look for players with Professional on their Personal page) - that can help, but not always. 

Apart from that there's not much you can do - ignore it (they often don't play too badly, but I don't like it if it is the whole team being relaxed) or sell them....

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