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Career Merseyside is red trio (End season update)

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Back with another short career and we are going to do 2 challenge here.

The first surely be the challenge created by @Rob

The second one will be the one created by @samhardy 

We have chosen our lad here


good enough to play every games here

Edited by Lord Danish
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January update

The Gundogan victory challenge are harder than I thought. The Liverpool trio doing good but got outshone by Divock Origi

Gundogan victory











Liverpool trio


Like I just said, Origi outshone them with impressively 21 goals and Salah came close with 15.


Firmino got the highest assist with 13 and Origi with 11


Good start. We lost 5 goals against Arsenal due to Alisson injury and Adrian trying to be a Neuer wannabe.


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1 hour ago, Lord Danish said:

The Gundogan victory challenge are harder than I thought.

Very hard. Took me 6 attempts / seasons and 2 careers to complete it. 

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End of season update

Pretty bad season overall. We won the league with 97 points. And lost 3 of the other major trophies.

Gundogan vitctory


We’ve failed to hit any 6+ goals along the way. A few great 5-0 win but nothing more.

Liverpool trio


Like i just said. We won the league with 97 points and 76 goal difference. That makes our points 173. Good enough



Some season stats. Pretty decent imo


Origi is the top scorer with 33. Salah, Mane and Firmino got 27, 24 and 15 respectively. 66 points from that.


Firmino and TAA top the assist chart with 20. Mane with 15 and Salah with 13. 48 points for us.


173 + 66 + 48


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Just now, billy2shots said:

Nice going. Interesting that you played Firmino in AMC. I’m trying to show horn him in as a poacher. The lad would be class if he could shoot!

Yeah honestly myself was planning to drop Firmino as he’s just shit in that striker position. Then I played him in the AMC he’s improved while also sometimes played in one of the 3 striker position

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