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Career Nantong Zhiyun F.C - The great football team of China


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I chose Nantong FC because they were one of the smaller clubs in the Chinese 1st Division and I liked their badge style. The club was only founded in 2016 and only got promoted to this division last season. I was interested to see if I could take this club right to the top of Chinese Football.


When I arrived at the club, Nantong FC had Poor 1st Team and Youth Team facilities.  This has not been modified too much by the board but the youth facilities are at least Basic now. The stadium is 20,000 Capacity and this has not yet been improved.


The Training Regime is managed by my Assistant Manager who is a Silver Badged Coavh. The Finances at the club were very generous and the club is Rich, with signings in not being an issue over my two years in charge. The Staff have all been improved to a Silver Badges with my Scout now earning a Gold Badge.


The squad I came into was overall poor but there were signs of the club trying to improve with a few marquee signings. Over the two seasons, quite a few players came and went in the hope of strengthening the side. This was again helped by the financial state of the club which allowed millions to be spent on top quality players.


I used my Attacking Tiki Taka Tactic for this career. The players adapted very well to it and great attackers meant that many goals were scored. The defence was solid and was always in the top 10 clubs in terms of keeping goals out.


The Result was even better than I had imagined when I started with Back to Back promotions from the Chinese Division 1 to the Chinese Premier League. The highlight being wining the premier league by just 1x point! The low point coming in the 2nd season where I went on a run of 4 consecutive loses - really puzzling, especially as millions had been spent on reaching the top. Great Club though and really enjoyed my two seasons in China! 謝謝南通



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