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Career Thom tries the battle of the bosses III and more


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Having a go at some boss battles this time round.

And my player of choice


Taking a punt with a very young player here but hope my team can help him rise to the challenge. I also get to choose a class, in this case I think Bounty Hunter will be best for my pacy wonderkid. @BatiGoal if you be so kind as to tell me what my bonus entails.

As you can see I have chosen Barcelona as my team, no special reason why, I have just never managed them before.

I am also gunna attempt the Copa America and AFCON players challenge alongside the boss fights.

My first player for the copa america needs no introduction, so he isn't getting one.


My AFCON player who I hope can bring me glory is so good he only has one name, like Jesus or Cher, it's Trezeguet.



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[ The Battle of Bosses III ]


You have chosen the following Class: Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunters - Skilled in tracking prey for lawful types or underworld masters. Hones his box-invading abilities well beyond that of the average shadow. Bounty Hunters are FMM's Shadow Strikers.

Class Bonus Points for Bounty Hunters:

  1. Movement attribute pts (end of each season)
  2. AMC Yellow +5pts / AMC Dark Green +10pts / AMC Light Green +15pts

More info needed, please ask. Goodluck!


Looks like a good lad you picked to take this one. And goodluck with the other challenges too 👍 

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First season

Just gunna start off with saying that after this I am not managing Barca again, none stop whinging from them all, but other than that it was an ok season.

Won the league and european cup



This was nice


Our AFCON challenge starts off with a poor 16 points


And our Copa America challenge gets a much better start with 37


I think these 2 scores at the end will be very beatable as they will rarely be the main focus but a nice side challenge nonetheless 

A good season for us with the boss 


Only managed 45 points (38 years + 7 goals)


Arezo got a respectable 24 goals, good for a 17 year old


Plus 14 movement and 15 for light green AMC gives him a total of 53.

Onto boss number 2 Aguero.

Just gunna leave this match here, was rather enjoyable


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Forgot to say the players I will be using for next season.

For the AFCON challenge


And for the Copa America and battle against Aguero, Arezo shall be doing both

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