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Challenges The Rainbow Challenge


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Hi everyone and wolcome to this (easy) 7 season challenge, where you can only buy 1 player every season.

Every season you will be buying 1 player from a rainbow color.



The challenge:

Season 1: Buy a player from a team that wears Red

Season 2: Buy a player from a team that wears Orange

Season 3: Buy a player from a team that wears Yellow

Season 4: Buy a player from a team that wears Green

Season 5: Buy a player from a team that wears Blue

Season 6: Buy a player from a team that wears Purple

Season 7: Buy a player from a team that wears Pink


At the start of every season you can only buy one player in the order that's written above. 

You may not sell the players you got every season, so by the end of season 7, you should have 7 "rainbow" players in your team.

In total you should only have 7 incomming transfers over the 7 seasons (you can sell/demote/loan out players that are not part of the challenge).



The point system (only counts for rainbow players):


  • League Title = 10
  • League top Scorer = 5
  • League Top Assists = 5

Champions League:

  • Champions League Title = 15
  • Champions league Top Scorer = 5

Club World Cup:

  • Club World Cup Title = 15
  • Club world Cup Top Scorer = 5


  • Player of the Year = 15
  • Young Player of the Year = 15
  • Best Player in Europe = 20
  • (Player's player of the year and Player young player of the year don't count)




  • Load up any leagues and take over any club you like.
  • No unlockables (sugar daddy etc) (gold badge and reputation are allowed).
  • No use of text changes, save editor or IGE at all.
  • No cheating - Restarting to avoid injuries counts as cheating!!
  • A career must be posted, as screenshots are needed as evidence.
  • If requested you must upload your save so we can check no cheating has taken place via the save editor, failure to do this will result in you being rejected from the leader board.
  • Own formations only
  • SI databases only
  • No Myclub or created players
  • Have fun





1.  @danovic78 - 220 points - Career





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