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Help Scouting + Internationals


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Apologies if this has been asked but I can't find the answer trawling the forum.

1. I'm a championship team and have up to 7 players away on international duty at one time but the game doesnt get postponed? Do you have to apply for it to be somehow? I can't even fill a bench on match days.

2. Sending scouts around the world, they only ever come back with any British players playing in those countries - is there any point in having scouts as I can find these myself via the player search area of the game myself.



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1- It’s been something of a problem for a while but you can’t really do much about it other than buying some older players so that they won’t participate in any international competition 

2- Scouts is utterly useless until you reach at one point where every players are a regen. They could give some good bargain

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The Championship has the same international breaks as the Premier League. But there are a couple that are "missed", or I think we've worked out before that these are rescheduled games that the game has not ringfenced. It shouldn't happen but it shouldn't happen often. Do you have screenshots?

The scouting assignments are pointless, unfortunately :(

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