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Career Kanegan's 4-in-1 Challenge Combo (1/2 done -Unfortunate end)


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After that shocking debacle in the Boss Battle 1 against the god mode Christiano Ronaldo, i thought i will take 4 challenges at once so that i have more chances of succeeding. With that in mind, here are the four challenges:

Liverpool Front Three by @Rob

The Recall Challenge by @BatiGoal

AFCON Players Challenge by @Kanegan (That's me of course)

Copa America Players Challenge by @Kanegan (That's me again)


So, players for the first challenge are quite obvious. Let's reveal the other players.

Player chosen for 2nd Challenge



Player chosen for 3rd Challenge



Player chosen for 4th Challenge



Thanks for viewing. 


Edited by Kanegan
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9 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

How many Kanegan clones are there in existence? 

What can i say?? I am the Multiple Man of Vibe. 😃

7 minutes ago, Lord Danish said:

As much as you wish

Good luck @Kanegan

Thanks Danish.

4 minutes ago, Rob said:

Good luck Kane.

Thanks Robster. Hopefully, i don't make a fool of myself. 😁

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1 hour ago, Titjes said:

Good luck mate 😃


1 hour ago, smoggy90 said:

Good luck mate!


44 minutes ago, gunnersaur said:

Good luck mate 

Thanks guys.

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Season 1

So, i first wanted to go with a strikerless formation for this but since i am attempting 4 challenges at once, so i went with the standard 4-3-3 with some modifications to give Evie Ojaria chance to shine behind the three strikers.

Transfers Out



All of them were sold as i needed a solid base to work with from second season onwards and these players don't fit the bill.

Transfers In



As required by @BatiGoal challenge, no incoming transfers.


Season History


Except the Community Shield, we win everything.

League Performance


So, LP + GD = 100 + 57 = 157 points.

Disappointed with no. of goals hit, should have been more but with an inexperienced AP at the helm, not a bad result.


Notable Matches & Cup Runs



Salah hits the only two hattricks of the season, one in the Merseyside derby against Everton and one in the Carabao Cup final against Arsenal.





All four of our challengers picking up the award with Ejaria picking up the YPOTY, Mane winning the African POTY, Firmino the PL FOTY and Salah being named Europe's Best.


Sadio Mane


45 for The Mane.


Roberto Firmino


42 for Bobby. He missed a month due to injuries.


Mo Salah


And just like other people's attempts, Salah shines here as well with 63 points.


Challenge 1 - Liverpool Front Three

Total points = 63 + 42 + 45 + 157 = 307 points.

So, @Rob, if you can slot me in the last position in the leaderboard.


Challenge 2 - The Recall Challenge


The best part of Ejaria was he managed to play a humongous 62 matches.

Total points = 62 + 16 + 20 + 3 + 7.48 = 108.48.

Tied for second with @gunnersaur and just 0.23 points behind leader @Cockers2505

@BatiGoal, if you can add me to the leaderboard mate.


Challenge 3 - AFCON Players Challenge


Next Season,




Challenge 4 - Copa America Players Challenge


Next Season,




So, two challenges are over and i will continue with the other two. 

Thanks for viewing and any feedback is entertained.

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Mate, considering you are doing other challenges and you have no transfers in that’s a great score. Maybe give it a go sometime on it’s own? I reckon you’d smash it.

Well done! 

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1 hour ago, Lord Danish said:

Great work Kane. Luckily I’m no longer at the bottom

Overlooked your score so sorry you are still at the bottom mate. 😁

1 hour ago, Rob said:

Mate, considering you are doing other challenges and you have no transfers in that’s a great score. Maybe give it a go sometime on it’s own? I reckon you’d smash it.

Well done! 

Thanks. Will give it a proper go sometime.

21 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

Even scorelines with decimals you still manage to tie a score??? Nuts 🤪 great effort tho. 

Thanks. What can i say, i'm awesome. 😆

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Ok, this challenge has come to an end unfortunately as i overwrote this save with my Vibe World Cup one.

I will definitely be attempting the remaining two challenges at a later date.

Sorry all.

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