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Challenges Chester FC - 108pts Challenge


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Chester FC - 108pts Challenge



Some background info to spark interest:


  • 1885 - Chester FC is founded
  • 1983 - Chester FC is renamed to Chester City
  • 2010 - March, Chester City is formally wound up
  • 2010 - May, Chester FC is officially relaunched
  • 2011 - Chester FC win 8th tier of EFL with 97 pts
  • 2012 - Chester FC win 7th tier of EFL with 100 pts
  • 2013 - Chester FC win 6th tier of EFL with 107 pts

2012-2013 - Chester FC set several league records for the Conference North in this prolific season: most wins (34), fewest defeats (3), most points (107), GF (103), best GD (+71) and longest unbeaten streak (30 games).

Challenge: Break Chester FC's best seasonal record of 107 pts : score 108 pts or more for a place on the leaderboard. 


  • Manage Chester FC
  • No unlockables, Yes Badges
  • All types of transfers are OK
  • Score 108 league pts or more in any season / any division
  • Challenge Score = highest league pts


Chester FC - 108pts Leaderboard:

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