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Fun/Games Vibe World Cup 2020: The Final Results

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Welcome to the 2020 Vibe World Cup.

This is the third edition of this event with the Celtic nations dominating so far with Wales winning in 2018 and Scotland in 2019. This event if you don’t know is a team competition with pairs of Vibers fighting it out to be crowned World Champions.

The last two editions have had challenges based around World Cups of the past but this year as it was meant to be the Euros I have decided that the UEFA European Championship’s will be the inspiration for the five challenges that this event will be made up of.

How it Works

We have 10 competitors split into 5 teams of two so just as we did last year we need a qualifying round to eliminate one team before the group stage begins. In each challenge a teams score will simply be the total of both members score in that week’s challenge combined.

  • Qualifying Round: All five teams will play one challenge with the team at the end of this with the lowest combined score being eliminated at the first hurdle.
  • Group Stage: The four remaining teams will go into a league where they will play 3 challenges over three weeks. League points will be awarded for 1st (3pts), 2nd (2pts), 3rd (1pt) place in each weeks challenges with 4th place getting 0pts and the top two teams at the end of the three challenges will go through to the final. In the event of a tie in the league table the team with the most challenge points in the whole event so far will go through.
  • Final: This will be a one off challenge with the team with the highest score taking the title.

Golden Mobile Award

As well as the team title there is also a player of the tournament title with the competitor with the most points across all challenges winning the Golden Mobile Award as the tournaments MVP.

Meet the Teams

Asia 🇮🇳 🇸🇬 

This time round we have a team representing an entire continent as @Kanegan and @Lord Danishteam up to try and bring Asia it’s first World Cup crown.

Kanegan aka “Captain Fantastic” is very much the challenge king this year as he works his way through the entire Challenge Index getting himself on as many leaderboards as possible. In order to help lead his team to glory he will be looking to channel his inner Sunil Chhetri and smash all before him.That is if he can find himself a nice quiet corner for a puff or two as he plays the game.

His team mate will be Lord “Zachery” Danish is a man who has cousins all over the globe and most of them are members of Vibe.

England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 

The English lads are back for yet another World Cup as they take part in there third edition of this event. They made the final in 2018 only be lose to Wales and then last year they went out to Japan (probably on penalties) in the group stage.

Captaining the side is @Rob “The Rogerer”. Rob lives deep in the rolling hills of Dorset, Southern England and it’s very much a land of mystery especially what is known as the Cerne Abbas Giant. Legend has it this great chalk figure gouged into the hillside is the only known picture of the man they call Rob the Rogerer.


His teammate for the third year in a row is the Darth Vader of the hard dance scene DJ @Woody himself. A little known fact about Woody is that he holds the world record for the longest time dressed as a Wookie whilst dancing to Firestarter on repeat. He managed a staggering 3 weeks, 2 days and 6 hours and was only thwarted by the batteries in his Walkman running out.

Italy 🇮🇹 

This is a team of both experience and naivety as we have a returning competitor in @Cockers2505aka “The Freebie King” and a debutant in the shape of a man who sounds more like a South Korean boyband than a World Cup competitor @Jsavfc teaming up.

These guys have been training hard for this event and have even put together a “brain trust” to help them win this event. Now they have tried hard to keep this group of advisers secret but my spies tell me that it includes Steve Bruce, Princess Ann, Richard and Judy, David Cameron and Prince Harry.

The North East ↗️

Last years champion @samhardy has abandoned his Scottish heritage, declared the North East of England as a separate nation and recruited @smoggy90 to help him retain his crown he won last year with Ian.

Sam “The Statemen” Hardy will need no introduction I’m sure as he has been part of the fabric of Vibe since before he got pubes. A proud Mackem who follows them home and away I’m sure the lack of football has hit him hard these last few weeks but no doubt firing up FMM for the first time this year will cushion the blow for him.

Smoggy the Parmo Prince is from the beautiful town of Middlesbrough which boasts a cracking Transporter Bridge over the River Tees and some wonderful chemical factories by all accounts. It is a town that has produced an array of stars over the years including Bob Mortimer, Royston Vasey and Glenn Durrant but those threes achievements will pale into insignificance if Smoggy can win a World Cup for this new nation.

Holland 🇳🇱 

The final team contains a Vibe legend and me.

No one knows what @BatiGoal has more of nationalities or favourite football teams but what is certain is that he is the best dentist in the whole of the infamous Bangkok Hilton prison.

I’m in the Dutch team simply because I’m drinking a can of Heineken whilst writing this out.


Team Member Numbers

One final thing to note is that all the challengers are split into two groups so that each team mate plays the challenge with a different team and player/s. When I post the challenges I will specify which people will play with which team.

Your numbers are.

Number 1: Sam, Rob, Kanegan, Batigoal, Cockers

Number 2: Smoggy, Woody, Danish, Foxy, JsAVFC


The first challenge will be out tomorrow.

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Lovely introduction, FoxKing, but there's something I don't quite understand. And it's something that I was very specific about when I received the invitation. I asked about the competition but what's this?? Roberts, Sham, Kean, Cork, Smiggles90, Wowie, Lord Dickie, J-with-a-bunch-of-random-letters. 

Where's the competition? 

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7 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:


My username is actually my initials then the team i support. Didnt think it was so hard to figure out ;)

This might be easier than i thought.......

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15 minutes ago, Jsavfc said:

My username is actually my initials then the team i support. Didnt think it was so hard to figure out ;)

This might be easier than i thought.......

And to top it off I think @BatiGoal has claimed to be a Villa fan at some point in the past!

Anyway if Yorkshire can have their own international team


Then the trophy is staying very much in my hands representing the North East with a fellow utterly world class manager in @smoggy90.

I also hope that my first season of FMM20 isn’t my last 😂

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19 minutes ago, Jsavfc said:

My username is actually my initials then the team i support. Didnt think it was so hard to figure out ;)

This might be easier than i thought.......

Jokes aside, you're supporting a great club. I respect you already, if I lose than... well that ain't happening so never mind 😉 

16 minutes ago, Foxy said:

There is only one Lord Dickie and he wears a yellow shirt.


That's a good Thai beer btw. 🍻 

3 minutes ago, samhardy said:

And to top it off I think @BatiGoal has claimed to be a Villa fan at some point in the past!

And will continue to do so well into the future 👍 


4 minutes ago, samhardy said:

Then the trophy is staying very much in my hands representing the North East with a fellow utterly world class manager in @smoggy90.

Who Smurkles90? Well, he's definitely better than you. 😜

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28 minutes ago, Jsavfc said:

My username is actually my initials then the team i support. Didnt think it was so hard to figure out ;)

This might be easier than i thought.......

Johnny Sins is your name and your club is Aston Villa?

39 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

Lord Dickie

You got it wrong Bati. Should be Lord Zach 7.1” Dickie

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Nice intro and @BatiGoal, i can be a combination of Harry Kane, Moise Keane, N'Golo Kante and many others. Just you wait and watch. 😁.

Thanks @Lord Danish and it's great to team up with you. Looking forward to whip up some asses or die trying. 😃

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And now for everyone’s** favourite moment of the Vibe World Cup as the opening odds are about to be revealed for champions, golden mobile and a few other things.


Unfortunately FoxBet are now no longer in existence after a fraudulent episode earlier this year. Here are just a few quotes from the fallout.

From @Ian: “I hope we are not using FoxBet for these bets as they are a truly horrible company. I’m still owed a fair bit from back in June and I won’t forget“.

There was a response from FoxBet. “Our motto atFoxBet  is “60% of the time we pay out all the time” but unfortunately in Ian’s case we have had to temporarily suspend his account due to a pigeon finding its way into the vault where his account is stored“.

This was deemed to be a breach of contract and I am delighted to announce that Black Cat Betting will be taking over the odds for this tournament.



Holland 6/5
North East 11/4
England 3/1
Asia 7/1
Italy 15/2

I hope @Foxy’s back is ok now because if Holland are going to win this tournament then it’ll be very sore from carrying @BatiGoal at the end of it. Bati launched his way back into the competitive scene in the VPL making the final, whilst Foxy won the Golden Mobile award last year. The team to beat? Probably.

In truth there isn’t expected to be much between the top 3 teams this year with the always dangerous @Rob and @Woody capable of beating anybody on their day, that’s if Woody submits of course, and myself and @smoggy90 have to be in with a shout of going all the way. Smog made the semi of the VPL earlier this year and has smashed out a few challenges and if I can shake off the rust those 11/4 odds are huge!

We then have the two minor underdogs although not really that much as it wouldn’t really be a surprise to see either Asia or Italy go all the way. @Kanegan loves a challenge and that should set him in good stead as him and @Lord Danish gun for glory whilst the experience of @Cockers2505 and debutant @Jsavfc for Italy promise to be a very difficult pairing to beat.

Golden Mobile

Foxy 11/10
BatiGoal, samhardy 5/2
Rob 3/1
smoggy90 7/2
Woody 5/1
Kanegan 6/1
Cockers2505 8/1
Lord Danish, Jsavfc 10/1

After winning this award last year it’s @Foxy who unsurprisingly starts as the favourite with @BatiGoal and the vastly superior manager in myself a close second. The only reason Bati is ahead of me is because of how little I have played the game this year. From there @Rob, @smoggy90 and @Woody could all stake realistic claims and 6/1 on challenge king @Kanegan could prove very good value indeed. @Cockers2505 will be hoping no transfers are allowed and if that’s the case you can increase his chances of winning this award, @Lord Danish and @Jsavfc are outsiders for the sole reason that we haven’t much to go off in terms of performances in these events before.

And finally a few specials.

Woody to be last to submit in every round - Evens
Holland to lose in the final (For Bati’s hat-trick) - 2/1
Disqualification at any time - 5/6
England to top the qualifying round again - 5/2
Ashez to make a comment in the thread - 100/1

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Yes, I had a truly awful experience with FoxBet as their customer service is just nonexistent. I haven’t even managed to get my stake back but I live in hope that one day I will.

This seems like much better company though so I’ll have another go.

£5 on Ashes to make a comment, £5 on Holland to lose in the final and £5 on Bati for the golden mobile award please. Forgive me for not going bigger with my stakes but after last time I just can’t risk it unfortunately.

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Brilliant @Foxy really good write up and I'm looking forward to this with @Jsavfc

5 hours ago, Jsavfc said:

My username is actually my initials then the team i support. Didnt think it was so hard to figure out ;)

This might be easier than i thought.......

Wow you are feeling brave, maybe let's get through you the next round before we can come out with then kind of statements 😬😬

5 hours ago, Foxy said:

There is only one Lord Dickie and he wears a yellow shirt.


Had to be an Oxford player!! A shame what's happening as they was having an excellent season

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Holland have a tradition of losing WC finals. With a Fox in the box I think this year's the year we're breaking with that tradition. Not betting any money on it tho 😁 


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The Mighty Minnows


The Euro’s have rarely seen many minnows qualifying due to the smaller number of teams that qualify compared to the World Cup. The first tournament was held in 1960 and up until the 1980 edition it was only a 4 team tournament. Then it was expanded to 8 teams for the 1980, 1984, 1988 and 1992 editions with Euro 96 being the first 16 team tournament. It wasn’t until 2016 and the increase to 24 teams that we saw a better chance of smaller countries qualifying for the tournament.

That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been some smaller countries make it to the tournament and both Latvia and Albania were surprise qualifiers.

Latvia qualified for the 2004 edition in Portugal under the management of ex Bristol City and Yeovil boss Gary Johnson. They beat Turkey in a playoff to make it to Portugal in what was a huge upset as Turkey had just finished 3rd at the World Cup two years before. At the tournament they were drawn in a group with Germany, Netherlands and Czech Republic which proved to be a bridge too far as they finished bottom of the group. They did manage an impressive 0-0 draw with Germany though and scored there only major tournament goal in a 2-1 defeat to the Czech’s.

Albania made it to the 2016 tournament in France. They came 2nd in a qualifying group that contained Portugal, Serbia and Denmark and so made it to the finals without the need for a playoff. They were drawn in Group A with hosts France, Switzerland and Romania and despite losing there first two matches to the French and Swiss they won the 3rd match against Romania 1-0. This gave them a chance to making it into R2 as a best 3rd place team but unfortunately they had the worst record and so went home early.

The Challenge

This challenge will test your ability to get goals from a striker but more than that it will test how well you can use the squad given to you in much the same way as the Latvian and Albanian managers got the best out of the resources they were given.

Remember that you must manage the team that relates to your team mate number.

Number 1: @samhardy @Rob @BatiGoal @Cockers2505 @Kanegan you will be managing in the Turkish 2nd tier at Akhisarspor and you will be looking to get goals from there Albanian striker Sokol Cikalleshi.




Number 2: @smoggy90 @Woody Myself, @Jsavfc @Lord Danishyou will be managing in the Polish 2nd Tier at Bruk-Bet Termalica and you will be looking to get goals from there Latvian striker Vladislavs Gutkovskis.


Challenge Clarifications

Team Choice: You must manage the team assigned to your number.

Number of Matches: You will play all the regular season league matches which is 34 but you do not need to play any playoff games.

Transfers: You may not sign any players into the club but you can sell whoever you want.

Points: League points + Striker goals in all comps

Tiebreaker: In the event of a tie the team with the most goals from the designated strikers will win.

Unlockables: You may not use any unlockables during the save but you can have a coaching badge and any reputation.

Other Rules: Usual Vibe rules apply of own formations only, no reloading, no editors, standard DB and no cheating in any way.

Screenshots Required

  • Striker attributes at the start and end of the season
  • Striker history at the end of the season
  • League table
  • Transfer history
  • Manager profile
  • The match you are eliminated/win the cup

Deadline: Wednesday 29th April 2020 @ 11.59pm UK time

Any questions then just ask.

Good luck

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2 minutes ago, Jsavfc said:

When you say standard DB, is that the november or winter upgrade?

I mean no edited DB so just the standard ones that come with the game so it can be either November or winter.

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8 minutes ago, Woody said:

Lovely starting challenge Foxy, i'm sure me & @Rob will do the nation proud.

We just need to get our results submitted in time 🤣

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