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Career Brechin City Football Club - The club that dared to dream


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I chose Brechin City Football Club because they are in the 2nd Division of Scottish Football & close to where my family are in Angus. I have watched Brechin City play football before where they played a lot of long ball football.I wanted to try and take Brechin City to the top of Scottish Football.


When I started with Brechin City, The facilities were basic for the 1st team & below average for the youth team. This gradually improved so that we had Excellent 1st team Facilities and adequate youth team facilities. The stadium also improved from holding over 4,000 fans to a round 15,000!


I Delegated the Training System over to my Assistant Manager to carry out. The staff levels and quality also improved throughout my career from Bronze to Gold. The Finances were generally kept green, this was partly through signing young free lads and selling them on for around 150k-200k which helped improve the squad.


The squad had to be regularly changed as we moved up the leagues which got drastically tougher every time. Our best area was Forwards which we found some cracking players with Pace and Finishing- a winning Combination. The worst area was defence and specifically the full backs which were fairly poor.


I used my attacking Tiki Taka philosophy with Brechin City. This Started off well getting cups and promotions but stalled as we went through the leagues. A lot of the championship teams were former premiership teams and knew how to play football well.


The Result of my time at Brechin City FC was generally positive, taking the club from Division 2 all the way to the Scottish Premiership. We even managed to win the Tunnocks Cup in our 2nd Season! I love this part of the world and this club - my highlights are shown below.


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