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Career Recall Revanche, Heerlijk Hélder Heine..


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Alright, after doing this challenge the first time with my man Boussaid I really tried to make my tactic work with any English team. Normally I don't like managing in England because, well, it is quite difficult to score I find. In contrast to the Eredivisie which is my favorite for the obvious reasons.

I tried to adjust my tactic to various youngsters and teams, with promise. However, some are already used and the challenge rules state players can only be used once. So after trying a load of different setups and tactics with Arsenal and Tyreese John Jules I present to you:


Yes, Hélder Costa from the Wolverhampton Wanderers. I really tried making it work with a forward but to no avail. So I went back to the succes I had with Boussaid in a winger. Who will play as an IF. Tinkered during the season between 2-2-3-2-1 / 4-3-2-1 and 4-1-2-2-1 and everything in between depending on opponents. Still think TJJ is a pretty promising player to try it with but I can't get any striker to prolifically score like others on these boards.


With the significant other half gone for the day I got through the whole season today, so this wil also be the finale score following as a spoiler.



His stats at the end, he still improved nicely!


Well, there you have it, thanks to the Europa League we got to 26 goals (14 in Europe) and 29 assists (11 in Europe) for a total of 55. Total score will be: 61 + 26 + 29 + 7,67 = 123,67. Oh yeah, he did that. And without Heineken! He also was injured two times so maybe I could have had some more appearances otherwise but what the hell.. 



Manager profile:



Other fun stuff that happened during the challenge:

Costa and Jiménez in the World Best XI? Never had any player selected for that team, but I usually manage in the Eredivisie or lower. 


Think I got the tactic down but FM will always be FM. Also, what is up with team rating?


Manager of the year!


We ended in 3rd I think, City was dominating the league. See that I forgot to take a screenshot of that, if it's required I'll add it later if I don't mess up my saves again.

Also won the Europa league, but to be fair my draw was quite nice. Hardest team to beat were Lille in the finals and Dortmund in the semis I think.


Edit: fixing images. Again.




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Lovely player you found for the challenge, and good return too in goals and assists from a flank man. Congrats, will add your new highscore. 

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