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Career Shandong B'Boys - Bad Boys in Brazil Challenge (Complete)


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Hi guys,

This is a short one pager update on my completed attempt of the Bad Boys in Brazil Challenge

I tried to resist it but I ended up back in China, the perfect place for this kind of challenge.

A new club though, specifically picked because of one half my duo...


My first player is the reason I chose Shandong, someone who always scored against me before.

Róger Guedes Róger Guedes


My oldie was another Chinese based Brazilian who I thought would fit the bill perfectly and I got him for a bargain.

Alan Kardec Alan Kardec



Straight into the results....

Season 1

Well it was a comfortable season for me as I took all the honours on offer in China, including a nice unbeaten league campaign 👍
Liverpool just pipped me in the CWC Final


My Brazilian boys had a storming season with Kardec my main Poacher up front netting 69 goals alone.


Guedes was involved in 95 goals alone! Outstanding in the FL position.


Points Total

Goals - 125
League Points - 84
League GD - 91

TOTAL - 300

Season 2

Another treble for us this season but unhappy with a very sloppy defeat in the Champs League final.
Also no league defeats too, a double unbeaten season. Got to be happy with that.


Kardec just a bit down on his goal with 62 in this last season.


Guedes could not repeat his efforts from last season but still chipped in with a healthy 41 goals.


Points Total

Goals - 103
League Points - 88
League GD - 110

TOTAL - 301


Season 1 - 300
Season 2 - 301

TOTAL - 601

What can I say, these massively exceeded my targets here. Incredible returns but does show how easy China is with the right set up and players.

If you could please update the leaderboard @Ian 

Thanks guys, be back soon with another short challenge.



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3 minutes ago, Kun Aguero said:

Incredible score! Always love playing in China, probably the best league to get the goals. 👍

Thanks, yes defiantly the best league for goal scoring. Like Brazil back in the day....

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