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Tactics Major League Soccer tactics 3-4-3

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Hello people.

 I'm bringing you this tactic that made me collect all the trophies in MLS.

 Just a detail, I didn’t sign any contracts during the season and I didn’t change the tactic either.

Screenshot_20200427-054627_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200427-054633_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200427-054639_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200427-114428_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200427-114519_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200427-114545_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200427-114602_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200427-053832_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200427-114747_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

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Hey make better commercial for this. I tryed many tactics, even created some, but noone didnt create some very convincing victorys like 4-1 vs City, and 1-0 vs Juve away. Even i played with Martinez and Sanches as target mann. Im interesting to see if i can lose game with this



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23 hours ago, uuupppsss said:

Ei, faça um comercial melhor para isso. Tentei muitas táticas, até criei algumas, mas ninguém criou vitórias muito convincentes como 4-1 contra o City e 1-0 contra a Juve. Mesmo eu joguei com Martinez e Sanches como alvo mann. Im interessante ver se eu posso perder o jogo com isso



Thanks for testing.  May you be very successful with it, just like I did.

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