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Career “Cherry on Top” Bournemouth Career


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Just watched the Minus 17 movie and got interested in a Bournemouth save. Think E.Howe took em on great ride but they have stalled since reaching the EPL. Just posted up bunch of records and firsts to try to accomplish 


Career Setup

-March 2020 database 

-leagues loaded : England, Germany, Scotland, Holland

-no editors or cheats

-no restart , reloading 

-no unlockables

Goals & Records etc to achieve 

-Improve Stadium (2nd smallest in top 5 leagues in Europe) & Facilities 

Club Records: 

-Highest EPL finish: (9th)

-Most Goals (Career/Season): T.MacDougall (142/41)

-Most Appearances: S.Fletcher (726)

-Career Rule : No Player bought over $30m. [Bournemouth Highest Transfer Fee Paid $30m -J.Lerma from Levante ]

Club Firsts:

-Top 4 Finish EPL 

-EFL title 

-Community Shield

-FA Cup

-EFL Cup

-qualify for Europe first time (UCL or UEL)

-UEL title

-UCL title

-UEFA Supercup 

-Club World Cup



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AFCB are my hometown club. I go when there is ticket availability but it’s not easy with such a small ground. I take the kids to FA Cup home games. All these fans we suddenly have, I don’t remember them when I was there in the lower devisions and I was 1 of 1700 fans.

Eddie has done an amazing job over the years. Not much further he can take them without expanding the stadium but the transport links make that impossible. 


Good luck, I will follow 

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I've always been interested in Bournemouth especially as they went from almost relegated to non league to Premier League. 

Will also be following.

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