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Football Manager Mobile 2020 - Method for Buying Players


Good Evening All,

This post has come about as I have struggled in the spanish B4 division recently and wanted to per-fect or point out the method which eventually successful.This method eventually happened in my 3rd season at the club. It may not be an exact art but more a method I have used for this season that I think may be successful for others.


The 1st step when going into the transfer market is to know what you are going into the transfer market for. This involves either forming the team around a tactic OR building a tactic based on the squad you have at your disposal. From having a tactic, you have a starting point of what players you need for that tactic and whether you have an area which requires strengthening.

On this point, There is a great link below for those who want to create there on tactic based on the squad you already have.

On the other hand, there are MANY different pre-made tactics which have been created and are available to use on this website. As I have stated previous, I really enjoy Tiki Taka football as it is both beautiful and highly successful.  For my successful Spanish B4 Division promotion, I was using the following tactic:



Once you have the tactic/Philosophy, you need to assess the squad to see if you have the players to utilise it ( Eg. Having a AMC or ML is no use if you do not have a tactic with those positions). This means you go through your entire squad checking this. Sometimes players can be "Natural" in 2x different positions so I always look on the Coach Report to see which one they see as the players no.1 suited position.

I normally aim for a 22-man squad in my Careers. This means 2x men for each position we have ( For example - Back four would have 2x RWB, 2x LWB and 4x CB).  If there are more than this in the squad or players do not match the roles required, I would normally look to move players in or out of the club based on the requirements.

Once you know this information, it is also important to know which player roles you require. For example, Some managers might have had Messi as a target man or inside forward but the False 9 was chosen for a reason and to amazing effect.My tactic incorporates the following as taken from this book.https://www.amazon.co.uk/Coaching-Tiki-Taka-Style-Play/dp/0957670540 

  • SWK
  • WBK
  • BPD
  • DM
  • DLP
  • APM
  • IF
  • T



I use Attribute Triggers & Key Attributes to establish which players are 'good enough' for my squads. These together show me which players can give me a good start & which players really should not be in the squad. It is mostly fair as well as IF a central defender is not "Good" at tackling, then were going to let in a lot of goals!

@Marc Vaughan in a previous game marked out that a world class team would be looking for the below Key attribute figures. :

  • 10- Good Attribute
  • 14- Very Good Attribute
  • 16-Excellent Attribute

I use this for every team as i always want to build them to a world class level so start of using it. Any new player that I buy MUST have a minimum key attribute of 10 or higher.


This information, along with the Key Atributes for each position outlined in the FMM 20 manual(and show below), makes for a good general standard for where players are at or if they are good enough. For example - a Left back with 14 for tackling and 15 stamina suggests in general he is a very good player.  In Contrary, if a centre back with heading 10 tackling 9 and positioning 15, i would look to offload them. Tackling is a key attribute and that player was not 'good' at it.


This is not an exact art form but a guide.


I normally weigh up whether it is best or quickest to transfer list, demote a player & release OR if they are under 21, I usually attempt to loan them out to build up their attributes.  I do like to transfer players generally but if no team is interested and the market closes, I would look to just release them( This tends to be older players in their 30's).

In addition to this, Sometimes, your club may really need the money but at other times you will need to kick on with the redevelopment and the wage budget is big, releasing the player to build space and wage budget makes sense.


Finally, the final stage-buying the player! This normally takes three stages for me. The three stages include:

1) Assess the squad- This for me involves reviewing each position in the formation. I check which player has the lower key attributes in that position and write down the total. I do this from the GK to the ST. The aim of this method is to write down the worst players stats so that in the Transfer Market, I know what I am aiming to better. For Example, Current GK has Handling and Reflexes of 14 which equals 28 in total. If in the market there is a GK with 15 for Handling & Reflexes = 30 overall then this would be an improvement to my squad.

2) Enter the Transfer Market- This for me has been the hardest part to nail down and succeed at as I always pressure myself to get Young players, Same Nationality Players, Fit players or Technical Players. What I have found out is that above all, better key attributes is the most important thing! Of course, players which are the same nationality and younger is the ultimate BUT overall, the key is to improve your squad in any way possible!

Firstly, I do not touch ANYTHING on the General tab of the Player Transfers Screen. I want to improve my squad by widening the net as far as possible. I keep interested only ticked as I want players to WANT to come to the club.


Secondly, I look up the position I want to check to improve on the next tab. This for me should always be light green(Natural). I like bought players to be specialists at that position and not a jack of all trades and a success at none of them! ONLY if a lower league team comes back with no key Attribute search results for a position, shall i use Dark Green(Accomplished) too.


Thirdly, I add the Key Attributes required for that position and start off at 10(See above why). This normally produces a long list of players. I then increase the key attributes to narrow the list down as much as possible until it can't be increased anymore - For example- Handling and Reflexes going up from 10-20 until you hit the few best available players.


Finally, You need to review the players found to check whether they will be an improvement to the squad or not. In my Career in the Spanish Division B4 league, the worst GK I have has Handling and Reflexing attributes of 14, equalling 28 overall. Looking below, the best available player only has 27 Overall & is not as good on his reflexes. In this scenario, this GK would NOT improve my squad and therefore I will leave my GK's as they are.


IF you do end up in a situation where there are a few players who could improve your squad, I would then look to see which player is younger or from the same country. You may also choose the best player based on price too, especially if working on a budget.

3)Buy the Player- Once you have established a player which can improve the squad, you need to check you can afford him. If you can afford him, go for it! Suggest terms and finalise the deal with the player. This will lead onto a contract being signed hopefully and a better squad created. IF, you cannot afford the players transfer price OR contract, you may need to give up on the deal & keep what you have in your team OR check whether a loan deal could be completed. This is especially likely with younger players.


This concludes my guide on how to buy players on Football Manager Mobile 2020. I do this method every new season on the career I am with. The method is not an exact art but a guide and has lead me to success as seen below. 


I hope you enjoy this post and it helped any new players to the game. It gives a starting point. 

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Good read and some good tips. 👍 

If I'm very honest I think I buy players during many of my careers I don't always need. Great point you made, only buy when players actually improve the squad, either straight away or to eventually replace veterans approaching retirement. That's definitely something I still need to improve in my own game. With all the transfers funds seasons in it's very tempting to just buy for the sake of it. 

Good work! 

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Great read I also tend to stick with a 22 man squad and use reserves to cover for any injuries because I tend to have two squads that play games alternating to keep fitness high and prevent injuries from exhaustion and plauers getting angry from lack of game time

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