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Chat Worlds Best XI Formation

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I just completed a season where my star Striker got the award for 'Global Team of the Year' after being the top scorer in the Premier Division. However they do not appear on the actual Worlds Best XI for that year, nor did it say on the news message that any of my players were in the Worlds Best XI. I've noticed that the Worlds Best XI will be based on which ever formation your team has used most that season and it will change previous season's Bests XI based on your current used Formation?

Does this lead to a bug where two strikers are picked for the Best XI, but if you run a formation with a lone striker it will only show one of them, despite giving two strikers the award?


Side note, got Kinnear for 100k from Doncaster Youth, a decent investment i'd say!




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The World XI screen has always been a bit buggy. Players missing, out of position and it’s the same with *your* best all time XI as well.

On this occasion it appears in his achievements so he definitely was included, it’s the XI screen that’s wrong.

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It's definitely buggy, but I reckon it's just not been announced yet. There's always one at the end of the calendar year and I guess he'll be announced in there. 

Not sure I agree about the formations etc - my world XI shows the same as yours, 4-2-3-1, but I've played 4-2-2-2 in 100% of the games in this career :)

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Hmm, maybe i'm miss-remembering but I could have sworn that at the start of my career the best XI (both world and club) were 4-4-2 Attacking which is what i was using at the time.

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