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Career Villarrubia Club de Fútbol- Can dreams come true?


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I chose this club because it was the smallest Spanish club. The club was only founded in 1959. They play in the lowest Spanish league on FMM20, the Segunda Division B, Group 4. I want to take them to La Liga using my Philosophy.



When I started at the club, the 1st team & youth team facilities were Poor. Through asking the board every season for improvement, the facilities are around average for both. The Stadium also started with 500 Capacity but has risen to 5,000 capacity now.



I delegate the training regime over to my Assistant Manager Juan De Dios Cervian. The Staff Room was basic when I arrived, Only having Guti as an Assistant Manager. This has been improved greatly through bringing in Natural Coaches and getting them to take Exams to improve their Badges. The Finances have generally been kept in the green. This is through buying unemployed youngsters and selling them on for a big profit.



The squad has been improved a lot. I review my teams at the start of the season & assess each position,noting down the worst players in each position. I then looked in the market for ANY players which improved the current squad, including some older players. I also like to buy some players with NO CLUB as on occassion, you find a gem who you can sell on for 250,300k.




I used my Attacking Tiki Taka Tactic for this season. The tactic worked very well as our team was the best attacking & defensive club in the division. The key to this tactic is a strong defence(Foundation) which can allow the attacking players to shine.



In my 3rd Season at the club, We finally managed Promotion & were Champions of the Segunda Division B, Group 4. Our transfers and the tactic were the key components to this great success. This was even more impressive due to the big names in the league.





Screenshot_20200501-185828_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200501-185833_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200501-185837_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200501-185848_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200501-185852_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200501-185856_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200501-185910_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200501-185906_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200501-185902_FM20 Mobile.jpg

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A few seasons have passed and finally Villarrubia FC are going to be in the Spanish La Liga. There were a few seasons when we came very close to this moment but missed out in the playoffs. I changed the tactic from Attacking to Control to great effect as seen below.  This really is an unbelievable achievement for Villarrubia FC & a Supporters spokesman said I was the best manager they have had!


I am a Football Manager who likes to learn and study the game, so I have shown the Team Report below which indicates the strengths and weaknesses listed below:

  1. Youngest Sides- Young players seem to create winning sides- Maybe my transfers need to focus on 19-25 year olds
  2. Physically strong/ Good Pace/Energetic Group- Fitness is vital to Winning- Should this be focused on when buying players?
  3. World Class Backroom Team - Must keep improving the backroom team every year.
  4. Lacking Determination/Professionalism
  5. Not as comfortable on the ball
  6. Poor Discipline

ARE these important if I am still winning the league?


These are my personal stats to date. My win rate with Villarubia FC is 48% which is not bad considering the size of the club and the competition in the Spanish Leagues. Our average results were 2-1 to Villarubia FC which indicates the Attacking tactic despite scoring more goals is not great defensively. Overall, you can see the Board are absolutely delighted with my performance.


Screenshot_20200505-123833_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200505-123838_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200505-123843_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200505-123855_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200505-123859_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200505-123902_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200505-123911_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200505-123916_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200505-123919_FM20 Mobile.jpg


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