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Chat Realistic Transfers

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So I just got to January Transfer with my Amiens SC Save. Not a very good season. 2 points away from relegation zone. And with no budget can't really buy anyone. Got to January somehow without being sacked and boom

What I witnessed is that large number of transfers from many clubs happened.

1. Paris sold Sarabia to Getafe for €25m.

Getafe couldn't even afford €25m and that Sarabia selling for so low?

2. Jose Gimenez joined Roma from Atletico for €72M

Roma shouldn't have done that and it's expensive

3.Marcelo joins Paris for €5m

Legit too cheap.

And worst

4.Cavani joins West Ham for €82m

How did West Ham got so much money?



How do I stop these unrealistic transfers. My summer window was off but winter window had a blast.

Is there any Database tweaks? Some change.txt configurations for this?

Only France Ligue 1 database active.

Engine: Default.

Summer Window: Off

No Unlockables.

Android Phone.

Fully Paid and Original Game

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You can't stop the amount of money clubs can spend, some people might argue they impacted this by giving or reducing the amount of money each club has with IGE, but their budget will rise again.

Like I bankrupt a Barca side that refuse to sell me their wonderkid, whom I could have easily afford at 36m, but after his loan spell at my club Barca insisted on 147m plus 25% sell on. I put the save on slot 2, then with IGE I reduced Barca transfer budget from 71m to 0, and 5.6m wage to 0, after several weeks thinking maybe they gonna need money, I found out everything return to almost normal, 62m plus 5.4m wage,.

My annoyance base on transfer issue is basically the under bidding or no bid on our brought up wonderkid who's market value has raised so high. Even if you spend 100m getting him, no team would offer you up to that, but they would expect you to buy 30m player for 100m plus sell on percentage.

Sancho is eager to leave club and any bid of 103m will be accepted.. if I was the only bidder this price will rise to highest bidding amount, especially if I was trying to remove the sell on percentage, Guess what Sancho will be frustrated about the transfer, still The above keep happening.

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I don't believe you can stop this kind of unrealistic transfers. It's annoying me for years. Recently in my save game, Mats Hummels went to Real Madrid at age 33. Not thát weird you would say? I agree, but the transfer fee was €53m....... soooooo unrealistic.

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