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Career The Liverpool Front TREE Challenge

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Nothing you can do about those injuries, unless you overplayed them I suppose. With the scores already posted, to challenge the top you really need to hope the Three stay match fit for the entire season. Re Bobby, it's annoying when media chatter upsets them, I just give them warnings and done with it. 

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"challenging the top" Bati?! That ain't me!

I tweaked my standard 4-2-2-2 but I can't be bothered to go into the details now. Just moved a striker into midfield to stop lads nicking goals off the big boys.

But clearly, as others have shown, I could be more adventurous. We did alright but they're very good, obviously...


Late defeat in the Champs League:


But yeah, we started well with a few thrashings, but we lost our mojo:


First three-goaler in two months is Barca in the UCL SF?! After Fabinho was sent off after 15mins?! Madness...

So the final score... 91+61 in the league, so 152, plus...


For a total of 296. Pity to miss 300, but not doing it again, it was fun for a while but became a drag :)

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50 minutes ago, Mr Tree said:

He got four sixes in a row, FOUR! I ain't paying for that shit :(

That made me laugh 😂 

Without injuries, easily 300+. You really might be only a few tweaks away from great numbers, a role or a shape tweak. You've been playing long enough so I'm not telling you anything new. Just trying to win your motivation back. That's something we all suffer from now and again, me included. 

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Echoing what BG said, without the injuries you’d have sailed in to the 300s. Well done - I’ll add you to the leaderboard.

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