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Career My Red Bull Leipzig career

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Friendly round-up

I was quite happy going into these matches, thinking that they wouldn’t be much of a problem (except Dortmund) then disaster struck. Timo Werner moved to Tottenham, we did however manage to win our first friendly against Duisburg, which was nice. Then even more disaster struck we drew to Erzebirge Aue. Now that was a game we should have won easily. I then had losses to Borussia Dortmund (3-0, understandable) then a 2-0 loss to Chelsea. My only positive in this career so far is that I signed Andre Gomes, but the board was still unhappy. This is going to be an interesting career!


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August went pretty badly. We started off everything with a 7-0 win over Villingen, where Andre Silva dominated scoring 4 goals, but as my luck goes we then drew two consecutive games 0-0 (against Union Berlin and Eintracht Frankfurt) then lost 2-1 against Borussia Mönchengladbach which was upsetting. As you can see in the squad picture I have lost a lot of players and two of my better players(Ampadu and Laimer). As you can see in the league table we sit in 15th, this is probably one of my worst careers in a while (you can’t see any of the others because I only just joined this site.)




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So September, we started off with a 0-0 draw with Bayern which was a big surprise! We went the entire month unbeaten! Although we’re still not a big contender for the title just yet sitting in 13th. Our next game was our first team win that actually mattered a 1-0 win over Galatasary. That moved us up to second in our champions league group! We then faced SV Werder and we drew 1-1. We also drew with 1st placed Schalke 04 which was extra nice you can see around our position in one of the pictures below! Thanks for reading.





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5 minutes ago, LTFC said:

super career in really enjoying it!! 😃😃

Thanks,I’m enjoying it too. Super bummed I can’t use Werner though, otherwise I think I would be doing a lot better.

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Fixtures In October 

So here we go, October. Our undefeated run in September stayed in September as we started the month against Barcelona with a 3-1 defeat in the Champions League(My group table will be on a separate post). We then played against Bayer 04 where you guessed it we lost. Only 1-0 this time though so things are on the up. We then beat VFL Wolfsburg 1-0 to start a 3 game win run in Germany. Unfortunately, we were not able to beat Inter in the Champions League we lost 1-0. But we beat SC Freiburg 1-0 in the Bundesliga. We then beat VfB Stuggart 2-1 in the DFB-Pokal Second round. I hope you enjoyed reading about my career and thanks as well for reading. 


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Here are the tables for this month. We are 8th in the Bundesliga and 4th in our Champions League group. You can also see some of our stats in the last picture.





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Fixtures in November 

We started November off with 1-0 win against Mainz FC. We then lost to Inter in the Champions League 2-0. We were unbeaten in Germany this month. We then drew 1-1 with Hertha Berlin. An easy 2-0 win against 1.FC Koln followed shortly after. Then a 1-0 loss to Galatasary meant there is no Champions League glory coming to the club. Then we finally beat SC Paderborn 3-1 in the league. I hoped you enjoyed that. December might come out today if I decide to do it or not,we’ll see. Thanks for reading.


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Hey all who read I need your help,

As you know I am nearing January so that means that the transfer window will be starting soon, if you have any requests as to someone I should buy please let me know as I have run out of ideas. Our budget is below! Thanks, Jamie 


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oh ho you are getting a lot better now!!

mabye sign a new ATTACKER like JESSE LINGARD he is a OP player on the game!

Edited by LTFC
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Fixtures in December 

We started the month off with a disappointing 1-0 loss to Hoffeniheim. Then we won 1-0 against Barcelona in the Champions League (We still managed to lose our group though). Then two back-to-back losses against Düsseldorf (2-0) and Dortmund (4-2) meant we dropped low in the table. Our final game of the month came against Augsburg which... we won 1-0. Unfortunately Angelino decided to not stay at the club and I can’t find Alamada. So sorry about that. 


added 0 minutes later

Squad and tactics 



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