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Career The great Ander and Fabio, Tactic Reveals

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“FC Porto are going to announce their new manager which is the legendary, Muhammad Danish.”

”We are going to ask him some question now.”

”It’s started.” *raise hand


“What are your long term and short term plan on this team?”

My plan is to rebuild a new team around our great youngster, Fabio Silva. For long term I’m going to make him a great goal scorer that will break tons of records.

“What is going to happen to other players? Are they all safe in the club?”

No one is currently safe at the club. If you train hard, show me you’re worth it then you’ll stay. If not the door is always open.

“For your first season, what are the main goals? As coach and as manager”

As a coach I would of course want to see players getting their heading, stamina and pace better. After all I’m the fitness coach. As manager I would love to win the league and the cup. Also I really want to go through the round of 16 in the UCL.

“That’s all my question. Thank you”


From this you’ll know who’s the 1kc guy. It’s the goal machine, Fabio Silva



For the 500 assist we got Ander Barrenetxea


A winger from Real Sociedad.


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13 minutes ago, Kun Aguero said:

Not losing interest in the save is a bigger challenge than getting Silva to score 1K goals 😂, good luck.

Yeah that’s the biggest thing I need to overcome. Silva’s only 16 so that’s pretty easy

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4 hours ago, Kun Aguero said:

Not losing interest in the save is a bigger challenge than getting Silva to score 1K goals 😂, good luck.


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Season 1





We got £239M from selling the entire squad. I can get that amount by Selling one Mbappe.



Bought some bargain here especially Rankin-Costello.

Team Performance 


Narrowly won the league



Player Performance 


Good development. Really hope the aerial could go over 15


My worst tally for a lone striker so far but well he’s still 17.


A few injuries ruined his development


Not a good tally either


Obviously our top scorer.


Lainez overtook Barrenetxea for the top assist.


Goals: 25/100

Assist: 10/500

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“Spain and Atletico Madrid were reported offered Danish a job”



“A disappointing Euro and La Liga campaign. They’re hoping to bring in a new experienced manager. Danish seems like a real contender after winning a treble in his first season.”

”Danish turned down both offer surprisingly. Danish said that he’s a Portistas and will stay at the club.”

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Season 2

Lots of great improvement in season 2.


Fabio Silva managed to get his first ever hattrick, also his last one of the season

Transfers Outs:-



They’ve done it again. Diogo Leite for £120M?! Not complaining though.

Transfer Ins:-


Spent our money wisely. Goretzka is out of favour in Bayern. Same goes to Eiting and Lenglet. AWB is coming to cover the hole due to Victor Gomez’s departure.

Team Performances.


Won the league unbeaten.


Finished last in Group F of the UCL. Not a pretty great team yet it is.


People doesn’t seems to like the players I’m buying.

Players Performance.


3 Development this year making him a real man made beast.


His tally went up either with 38 goals this season.


This is shit. Absolutely shit. He’s got the needs to mature to improve message that preventing him from gettin upgrade for 7 months.


Very lucky Silva having 17 aerial which helping us to get 25 assist this season.


Kristoffer Ajer surprisingly being our forth top goalscorer. With our backup striker that we got for free, Onyilo being second and Goretzka coming as 3rd.


No doubt Barrenetxea being first. Lainez coming second. Mendez and our backup RW, Valin coming 3rd and 4th respectively. Not to mention Fabio Silva somehow 5th?!


Goals: 63/1000

Assist: 35/500

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Great GA of only 6 in the league. Bummer it didn't translate to the same success in the CL. 

Fabio doing good, as expected. Ander needs to step it up. Hopefully in the coming season. 

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4 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

Bummer it didn't translate to the same success in the CL. 

The strongest in the group is only Inter but Porto doesn’t seems to be able to handle pressure

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Just got myself a job at Barcelona. Should we accept it? Fabio already a great player and will fit into any team in the world. Ander in the other hand worrying me because he’s not growing. Barca could be a good one to fulfill their potential but am fearful perhaps Ander might ended up flopping in this career.

What are you guys thoughts?

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I'm leaning towards staying at Porto since I'm lazy to squad rebuild and you're not far away from creating a top lvl team by now + scoring is easy and fun in Portugal. But.. to keep longterm saves interesting sometimes moving clubs is the way to go. So both options is a win imo. Glad I could be of help 😂 

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I am with BG. Portugal will be a much easier league once your squad is world class, even with less games. I think you’ll smash this.

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“Breaking News!!!”

”We have no idea what happened to them but Portugal had offered Danish a contract as a manager”

”He’s set to help any player that haven’t get a call up from the Porto team like Fabio Silva and Diogo Silva”


“This is going to help Fabio Silva in reaching his dream of scoring 1,000 goals”

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5 minutes ago, Rob said:

Brilliant! Good luck, and hope the conditioning bug doesn’t ruin it for you. 

Got a few players unhappy at their club. So I’m planning on making a slight rebuild next season so that I’ll get as much players on my team gets call up

He scored 4 in his debut and once the next game btw

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On 10/05/2020 at 17:04, Kun Aguero said:

Not losing interest in the save is a bigger challenge than getting Silva to score 1K goals 😂, good luck.

You are right!!!especially when the main “ HERO “ injured for 9months and prevent physio listed him in recurring issues 🤣

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Season 3 

Probably the biggest surprise yet.


I forgot to take the screenshot but here’s some business I’ve made.

Sold: Lenglet, Bare and Baro

Bought: Palacios, Ndidi and Ruben Dias

League Table


Won the league again.

UCL performance


Actually I have no idea who this Angel Torres is. The scorer should be Fabio if I wasn’t mistaken.


No glitches in this match as we went through to the quater final. The next match scorer will be the best one though 👇


It’s 24 that scores for us in the first leg of UCL quater final lol.


They got it wrong again as this is my Portugal squad scoring for me?! We went to the semi after all. Are we going to get to the final?


Tough match. Philippe Coutinho scored an absolute beauty to stun 10 men Porto. The stadium went silence the next 5 minutes. Continue reading 👇


Porto been using the same tactic but with a home advantage they’re looking to for a win against Juventus.

Half an hour past. It’s still 0-0 but Porto are building the momentum with Barrenetxea having the ball. He passed it to Goretzka.... Goretzka through it to Fabio Silva. He’s going to shot it and.... No! He faked the shot and let the ball roll instead and PALACIOS!!!!

1-0 it’s. Porto needs another goal to seal the win will they get it?

85 minutes past. It’s still nothing changing on the score line. The referee decided to add another 5 minutes of adding time before going to the extra time.

(At the 93:43) Juventus have done all they can. That strike from Coutinho had sealed enough for the extra time. FC Porto are still alive here.. Barrenetxea. Joe Rankin-Costellooooooo. 94:24

(switches mic off): Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Fucking bastard blue cunts. (switches mic back on)

I swear you’ll never see anything like this ever again. So watch it. Drink it in. They’ve heard the news at Paris. A goal in the added time for FC Porto snatched the place in the final from Juventus. Stupendous! 



It’s the final here. FC Porto going against Paris SG. FC Porto are looking to repeat their previous success during Mourinho era. Their dramatic comeback against Juventus will forever be written in the history book of UCL.

FC Porto will starts the game now. They’re playing with their usual style. Controlling the ball around with everyone seems very comfortable on the ball.

25 minutes went away. Ander Barrenetxea is with the ball. He whip in a low cross. Rankin-Costello out of nowhere took the ball to scores the first goal. The hero of their previous match had once again played very well. He raised many eyebrows when Danish bought him back in 2019. He certainly did became a fan favourite since then. He’ll forever be in FC Porto fans memories.

We’re close into the half time. PSG are looking for an equaliser. Neymar dribbled pass Dias. He’s alone with the goalkeeper. And... he scores.

It’s half time and the score is 1-1

We’re back. PSG to start the game. They went rapidly to attack. Neymar going forward. He crossed it to Mbappe. He headed it and saved by Diogo Costa. Sarabia took the deflected ball with a great volley and scores. 1-2 is the score now.

Porto are trying hard to break through PSG’s defence. It’s Lainez having the ball. He knows exactly where he wants to deliver the ball to. He released a powerful cross directly towards the head of Fabio Silva and that’s the equaliser.

Both team’s looking for the equaliser. 87 minutes and Porto got a dangerous free kick. We knows that Kristoffer Ajer are very good at his free kick. He’s assisted a few free kick from this range. He blasted a long ball. Lainez saw the chance.... he slided towards the ball.... and he scores. He left the goalkeeper no chance of saving it.

PSG trying hard to find an equaliser to force extra time but the partnership of Ajer, Dias and Ndidi were giving no chance of them doing it.

The game ended!!!! FC Porto had just won themselves a UEFA Champions League. The players were delighted. They ran straight to the manager. They lift him and celebrate it with the fans


The scene of how the Champions League final went.



another clean sweep

Fabio and Ander performance:


9 goals for him in the international.


62 for club. 62 + 9 = 71 goals this season 🔥


Still not progressing very well.


His tally went down from last year. Really needs to step up more next year.

Goals: 134 / 1,000

Assist: 59 / 500

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No doubts whatsoever you're getting the required goals. Regarding the assists you need to do a better job convincing me 🤨 

Vibe's watching 👀 

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3 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

No doubts whatsoever you're getting the required goals. Regarding the assists you need to do a better job convincing me 🤨 

Vibe's watching 👀 

He’s probably a late bloomer so I’m not totally worried about this. He’ll his peak later during his career which also a good stuff cause he can play in the age of 33+.

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Season 4

We’ve made a huge rebuild in our team.








Joe Rankin-Costello fairytale career in Porto had come to an end after Borussia Dortmund. I didn’t actually want to sell him but Dortmund seems desperate and splash twice his value.

Bernardo Silva came in as the top transfer and also our most expensive transfers of ever.

League Table


Surprising season for Sporting as they finished 6th. We’re still unbeaten in the league for 3 straight year.

Manager Profile and History 



Another clean sweep this season.

Ander and Silva stats


@Rob and @BatiGoal he’s finally had 2 updates this season.


Also got a smashing 43 assist!


No idea why he’s still growing honestly. It seems like his PA are very high I guess.


Another massive score with 82 goals this season and 16 international goals which makes it 98 goals.

Best Youth player we got yet?


Looks like a pretty great player. He’ll take Lainez LW spot in no time I can see.


Goals: 232 / 1,000

Assist: 102 / 500

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Well done, and I’m glad you’re staying with Porto. You’ll definitely be reaping the rewards now.

Bernardo is a great signing too, but I’m never too sure where to play him. He seems so good everywhere.

100 Club next season?

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1 minute ago, Rob said:

Well done, and I’m glad you’re staying with Porto. You’ll definitely be reaping the rewards now.

Bernardo is a great signing too, but I’m never too sure where to play him. He seems so good everywhere.

100 Club next season?

You’re fast.

I got Lainez and Ander on the wing so the only spot left is the CM. I can see 100 club is coming either. He’ve been injury free for the past 3 season.

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