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Career Converted Winger Challenge

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             Converted Winger Challenge 

Hello Boys & Girls this is my first post in 3 years. I find myself being drawn back to playing FFM. I done a host of challenges/careers. My last major ones was with Ashez. So it's good to be playing again and what better way with one of the best challenges I've ever played. So without further do lets get straight into the action. You should all by now know the rules.

                        Chosen Club


So I think by now the player is rather obvious but I'll let you guess 👀.

I will post an update very soon. This was short and sweet which is how I like it.


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4 hours ago, Ian said:

Interesting challenge this, good luck.

I’d say Reus too but if not Sancho perhaps?

Keep Guessing 👀

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8 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Man forgot how godly Patterson is


Despite his pace drop this year im 100% sure he can smash a massive tally.

1 hour ago, Rob said:

It’s @Woody and @Ashez that are the godly ones.

Those were the days Rob 😆

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