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Challenges FMM Goes to the Movies: Cool Runnings

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Cool Runnings

Feel the rhythm, Feel the rhyme, Get on up, It's bobsled time... COOL RUNNINGS! 


Walt Disney's fun-filled tale of four intrepid Jamaicans in their attempt to compete in the 1988 Winter Olympics has to be one of my all-time favourite films. The characters, the soundtrack, the endless one-liners, it had everything that makes a film great to watch. 

As John Candy, aka Coach Irv, takes Derice, Sanka, Junior and Yul to the frigid climes of Calgary, Canada, you just know your going to ride a wave of laughs as they ride their blades down the frozen track. 

By the end of the film the team had gained the respect of the rest of the competitors whilst not quite making it to the top of the table. A final run crash meaning we don't quite get to see the pace they had. 

That my friends, is your job. Show us your speed!

The Challenge

Take control of one of the Canadian teams in the MLS: Montreal Impact, Toronto FC or Vancouver Whitecaps. 

Sign your bodsled team who will be the spine of your team: GK, DF, MF, AT. They must resemble a bobsled by playing along the central positions on the pitch. So your DF may only play in the Sweeper or Centre-back position and so on. Player roles are going to be massive here! 

In the film, the team's fastest run was 56.53 seconds. We'll round this to 57 as we work in whole numbers here! 

Your aim is to get to 57 points as quickly as possible. The fewer games the better! 

Points = All goals and assists from your Jamaican spine - Goals conceded by your Jamaican GK. 

Competitive games only. 

Your Jamaican GK must play unless injured. If he is injured you may stop counting games but must also stop counting points until he returns. If this happens, s/shots at the start and end of the injury are suggested. 

Score = Number of games taken to reach 57 points.

All usual challenge rules apply

Leaderboard as usual.

Some people say you know we can't believe, Jamaica they have a bobsled team!

We believe. Have fun!


Link to full film index

Wall of Fame


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