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Career Ultimate team Journey of 22 Regens

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So far our few weeks into pre season we are able move some players out of the squad. Surprisingly Regen Cavani rejected a mega money move to Liverpool in favor of Villarreal,


Financial aspect of the club has grown up


My kids are hot prospect for every Club now, only Regen Buffon is professional enough to deal with these speculations, my team morale is low getting into our first league game.

England offered me the National Team Job, after 5 season wow, not ready for that yet.



Kloop retired as manager

CR7, Bale, Piqué, Neuer, Rooney all available as the recent super Regens, 

I will be looking into the squad now, until then I don't have a preferred lineup, I will post update about first team development later.

Board has announced New stadium



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January update in Prem League

so after 20 game's my young Regen are flying high, it was difficult at start we lost 3 in a row, and finding difficult to break opponent down, our 4 3 3 with Am, seems to be the worst formation out there, sometimes if we twerked the formation to 2 inside forward, 1 striker, during a losing game and base on opposition formation, we 80% win the game, never lost but only 1 draw, seems the 4231 is too powerful, but still I will stick to my favorite formation 4 3 3.



Transfers and player happiness

It has been difficult for me as bids fly in from left to right, due to my first team morale getting low, without my B team repeatedly winning my games when called upon, my first team couldn't kick the ball.

We've Rejected a bumper 100m transfer offer for Ibrahimovic from Chelsea, his performance has been too poor throughout the season, considered as my best player but 3 goals in all competition, that's poor return.

Regen Higuaín 60m move to Monaco was completed, we don't think he could make the team.



Regen Aguero has been our super sub hero the one who has saved our a*s in several occasion,

Europa cup and Carabao Cup has been a place we execute our tactical plan well, after 6 game's we top our Europa cup group, and two legged semi's awaits us in CC against our only strong obstacle Liverpool.


some of interesting game's, Messi and Ronaldo developing well to slot into my first team.




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End of season 6 in Prem League.

We couldn't match Manchester city and Liverpool form, despite trying hard our morale wasn't enough to steer us to 1st place finish, we did win each of the top team's once. But lost out to man u In FA CUP, Arsenal in CC CUP final.

Started the season to avoid relegation but we finished 3rd position, a wonderful achievement, that also land me the manager of the year award, ahead man C. Boss that almost won every monthly awards. It was final day victory against Spurs that land us 3rd place




Some of my players won some young player award, Ibrahimovic was poor throughout the season but was still regarded as my best forward going into next season.


Europa cup winners

So without the 3rd place we are still going to participate in CL next season because we won Europa cup with style, losing only one game in one of the knockout rounds, but bounce back in the 2nd leg.


Heading into season7 with a bigger expectation from the board and my squad Report heading into the season, are fantastic.Screenshot_20200531-194041.thumb.png.854e60a2f719d36ca4ce5e97a2f39c4e.pngScreenshot_20200531-194022.thumb.png.c733b09e8fa49fcf733cb229d7bdb395.png


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Started off Season 7 with a bang.

Euro Super cup win vs R Madrid,


Sold my best Defender as I can't deal with the rumours and unhappiness player, but I spark more unhappiness among my players.


Modric a target for Chelsea


U21 European cup.

Ribèry and Zabaleta help France to win the u21 Euro cup. Every member of the squad dominating the he international level

Modric and Baines the standout performers.



Gateshead finally moved Home, we started off with a win and remain unbeatable after 8games.


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