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Career Can money buy goals? (GpG challenge)

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Here's my go at the Goals Per Game challenge.

Which can be found here.

A quick one season game, see how many goals I can score. 

Obvious team choice for me. PSG. 

I spent ALOT of money. Just over 1/2 billion pound. 

Many players only stayed a few months if they were not performing. 


We won the league easily. Few games we should of won but due to tactics we were very open at the back. 


As I said, alot coming in. Jimenez didn't perform, not scoring in first 3/4 games so he went. 

Vardy was similar but went in January. 

Changed formation half way through so needed WB so that was mostly January dealings. 




So overall spend of around 300 million. 

The team;



So goals wise, Lukaku easily the better performer. He was awesome. Would of liked a few more but playing 3 up to was always going to get a spread. 

Mbappe leading the assists, but again Lukaku is up there. He is definitely someone I would use again if possible. 

So onto the results. 


Above shot to confirm positive goal difference. 


Finished with a GpG of 3.71p/m.

Happy with that but think I actually could of hit the magic 4.00.

Had a few boring results latter half of the season (1/2 goals scored per game etc) which pushed it down.

Some fun results too! 

Typing this up on my mobile so excuse any errors, lack of presentation. 

Will keep the save game if anyone wants to see fixtures/formation used. 

Comments appreciated. 


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9 hours ago, Anthonylfc said:

i used PSG and got no where near this score, well played man, very well done


11 minutes ago, Rob said:

Incredible score.

Cheers chaps. 

Still think I could hit 4.00 so might give it another go, few tweaks here and there and see where we end up!

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