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Challenges FMM Goes to the Movies: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels


Guy Ritchie directing, ensemble cast, crime/comedy theme set in London. This was always going to be good! 


Lock, Stock follows the the main protagonist Eddy and his friends through a series of intertwining storylines involving the shady underworld of London. After playing in a rigged high-stakes card game, Eddy finds himself indebted to 'Hatchet' Harry Lonsdale to the tune of £500k.


Given one week to repay lest he be set upon by the original crazy man Vinnie Jones, aka Big Chris, we're drawn into the film via memorable one-liners, fantastically placed music and a series of converging plot lines. 


If you haven't seen this film, it's well worth a watch. Then, grab a cuppa and sit down to this challenge. 


"The entire British Empire was built on cups of tea. And if you think I'm going to war without one, you're mistaken!" Eddy


The Challenge


Pay back your £500k debt to the loan shark. 


Take a loan player to London's very own smoking barrels - the Gunners of Arsenal.


Score to pay. Each goal your loanee scores goes towards paying back the debt. 

Domestic goals = £5k, Cup goals = £7.5k, Continental goals = £10k


However, you may only loan for 6 months at a time meaning a new player every transfer window. 


"Harry didn't think that he did a very good job, so he grabbed the nearest thing to hand, which just so happened to be a 15 inch black rubber c**k, and proceeded to beat poor old Smithy to death with. And that was seen as a nice way to go. Now, that, is why you pay Hatchet Harry, when you owe."


Now Hachet Harry doesn't have a reputation for nothing. At the end of each loanee's deal any outstanding debt will receive 15% interest e.g. £250,000 left x 15% = £37,500 interest so £285,500 left to repay. 


Obviously, the quicker you pay back, the better so... 


Points = Time taken to pay the debt in game days from the day you take charge of the Gunners.


All usual challenge rules apply


Screenshots at the end of every loan deal required.


Best get a move on, Harry is not a patient man!



Link to full film index

Wall of Fame


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