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Challenges FMM Goes to the Movies: Snatch

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If we've got Lock, Stock we've got to have Snatch. The second of Guy Ritchie's crime capers sees the action, tension and language ramped up to deliver another fantastic film. 


Snatch follows two main story lines. The first is the trials and tribulations of Turkish and his sidekick Tommy as they try to make a bit of money from unlicensed boxing, the second follows the journey of a rather large diamond, 86-carats to be precise, from an Antwerp exchange and the fortunes of those trying to claim it. In particular, we are introduced to Sol, Vinny and their wheel man Tyrone as they try to stay one step ahead of our favourite footballer-turned-actor Vinnie Jones as bounty hunter Bullet Tooth Tony. 


"He's a natural, ain't you Tyrone?" 

"Course I am!" 


In true Guy Ritchie style, you don't quite know how things will pan out until they happen and that's what makes this film great. 


A other classic film and we'll worth a watch if you enjoyed the first!


The Challenge


Go to Antwerp and steal the biggest diamond you can.


Take control of Royal Antwerp.


You must play a 2-up front formation for your Sol and Vinny. Your Tyrone must be a natural MC or AMC only. No other greens and no retraining. 


You may sign players or use those already at the club. 


You have 1 season to earn the carats for your diamond. Each league goal from Sol and Vinny and league assist from Tyrone = +1 carat.


In the film it was an 86-carat diamond. Can you do better?


Bullet Tooth Tony has followed you from England though in the form of Kemar Roofe at Anderlecht. All Bullet Tooth league goals = - 1 carat. 


However, as this film has a big gambling theme, you can win some extra carats. Before the start of the season, choose the squad number for Tyrone that matches the carats you think you'll get. If you are within 3 carats at the end of the season you get 10 extra carats for your total. 


All usual challenge rules apply. 


"You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity." Bullet Tooth Tony



Link to full film index

Wall of Fame


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