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Career Celtic FC - My Philosophy


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I chose Celtic FC because they are a must loved football club in Scotland and around the world. They already have strong foundations and are a highly successful club in Scotland but Rangers are creeping up. I want to see if my Tactic and overall Philosophy can succeed.




Celtic FC already have an incredible stadium and Facilities. I ask the board for improvements to facilities and the stadium annually & this season, they did agree to improve 1st team Facilities although they did not agree to improve the stadium. Celtic FC has fantastic foundations to be successful.



I always delegate the Training Regime over to my Assistant Manager John Kennedy.  Every Season, I will look to improve staff members where possible and cost effective to do so - For Example: I would buy a silver Badge Coach over a Bronze coach if available BUT only if I can afford it. I keep a close eye on the budget as a Green Budget = Success through putting money back into the club.



The Celtic FC squad is already very strong but a few additions have been made. When I start at a club, I assess every position, remove any weaknesses(Any player who has below 10 for there Key Attributes OR any player who would not feature in my tactic) and then look to strengthen the squad(Through looking for young players, Fit players and Great Passers). I ensure the squad is 22 players strong with 2x players for each position, creating excellent competition for roles.



With Celtic FC, I have gone back to using my tried and tested Barcelona FC 2011 Tiki Taka Tactic. The tactic delivered the best defensive and attacking stats in the league. The Tactic also provided the Top Scorer ,& Top assist player in the division.



My Philosophy used for Celtic FC has been extremely successful. The Club has won the Domestic Treble which is incredible! The way we have won the treble is incredible and it makes me happy to be a part of this clubs great history.



After this Treble Winning season managing Celtic FC, I want to establish what makes this Philosophy,Tactic and the players successful. In addition to this, I also wanted to find out the things which would not make me successful. Through this, I can take away this information and repeat for other careers,replicating the success.

Things to do to be successful:

  • Ambitious Squad
  • Loyal group of players - Long Contracts?
  • Natural Leaders - High Leadership stats
  • Working hard for each other - High Teamwork stats
  • Thrive in big matches
  • Morale good - Contract/Results etc
  • Youngest sides - Buy 19-25 Year olds
  • Strong players/good Pace/Highly Energetic - Focus on Fitness 
  • Good passing/Technical - Focus on Good passing players
  • Great depth in positions - 22 Player Squad required
  • Keeping the wage budget in Green
  • Best facilities - Always improve these annually.
  • Best Defense/Attack/Scorer/Assists - Tiki Taka Tactic used works perfectly and is highly successful


Things which will not provide success:

  • Unprofessional Players
  • Agressive/Volatile Players
  • Lacking Depth in Positions - 2x players in every position.
  • Lack of transfer Funds to improve squad -Keep Funds in green

Additional things:

  • Old/Ageing Players- Try not to buy these
  • Unfit Players - Try not to buy players lacking fitness.





Screenshot_20200525-191210_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200525-191222_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200525-191239_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200525-191313_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200525-191324_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200525-191342_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200525-191359_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200525-191413_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200525-191424_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200525-191439_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200525-191648_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200525-191656_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200525-191703_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200525-191714_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20200525-191755_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Edited by SSolas
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11 hours ago, SSolas said:

Old/Ageing Players- Try not to buy these

Hi @SSolasa very good write up, a couple of questions, I guess you sold Edouard at the end of the Season to Lazio due to his successful season, which I don't understand if you want quality players to fit into your Philosophy (except for the money). 

And you quote Try not to buy these Old/Ageing players, yet you bought Alan Hutton at 35 years old? I'm sure for the money or those that are Free, you could of got a better/younger player? 

Apart form that, well done, you have a winning Tactic and a winning Philosophy 👍

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Ajer is a quality player I always look to take from Celtic. One of my go to players on a fair few saves. Always gets a lot better and his value rockets up.

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12 minutes ago, Schwantz34 said:

Ajer is a quality player I always look to take from Celtic. One of my go to players on a fair few saves. Always gets a lot better and his value rockets up.

Same with me. I’m really surprised he sold Ajer

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4 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Same with me. I’m really surprised he sold Ajer

Well, speaks a bit for his tactics I guess, selling the two most wanted players at Celtic?

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3 minutes ago, Dagion said:

Well, speaks a bit for his tactics I guess, selling the two most wanted players at Celtic?

We all know he should sell the demon Scott Brown and James Forest instead

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