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Career The Warriors: The Battle Ends


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In a world of mere humans four warriors stand tall.  Heroes, legends, myths... they are icons... at least in their own mind. In this career they shall do battle in a head to head to head to head.

@Foxy is known in some quarters as the Gloucestershire Gladiator, but to most he is known as the Gloucestershire Gardener. Wielding a pitchfork like a sword and hoisting a lawnmower like a mechanical shield he is a force to be reckoned with. On day release from Foxlandia he will be a beast in battle.

Residing from Seahouses, Britain’s answer to Aquaman is @Ian. When he isn’t busy lifting boats over his head like Vibe’s own Eddie Hall he is dismantling leaderboards like the incessant sadist that he is. His eye for detail and the power inherited by a force known as ‘George the Gorilla’ means he will blast his way through the competition.

Carved from the chalk cliffs of Dorset is a man known as @Rob. Armed with the ear-piercing shrieks of a baby to disable his opponents he can take on the best. Plus he has done about 378 careers with club selected, which helps. Vibe’s reigning Olympian will be a challenge to all.

@Woody has the best weapon of all in the battle: the Pecker. This weapon can do all manner of damage and cannot he underestimated in its impact. His appetite for testing (if quizzes are quizzical, what are tests?) means he will formulise a strategy to peck the others in to submission.  A legend amongst all.

Those are the competitors, but what’s the challenge?

It’s simple: all four warriors will take the reigns at PSG. Each will then select a nation. From this nation they must select three strikers and one assister and sign them (other transfers are also allowed).  

The aim is to complete a TT and as many DTs and 1ks as possible amongst the strikers, along with racking up as many assists for the assister as they can. Goals from international management will count, as per the 1k/DT/TT rules; assists won’t.

A lottery has been made: Woody will pick his nation first, followed by Ian, then Foxy, with Rob picking up the rear.

There it is: the rules of combat are set. Let battle commence. 

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Welcome peasants.

I am the self proclaimed weaker member of the Warriors Four, but don't let my small mindedness fool you as i have bundles of vigur and determination.

There have been many cities pillaged under my various regimes over the years and i hope to bring that experience to the warriors table.

To help me on my journey i have four faithfull Padres.

To the mere one cell morsels out there these gringo's may not look like much but are more than a match on their day.

As you well may know by now my followers are of Spanish heritage from the darkest depths of Spains footballing underworld.


My 3 strikers:


Don't let their lack of value fool you.


To help the 3 on their way i have chosen a man well versed in the supply and demand department, he is:....


There we have it, a four to be reckoned with.

I bid you good day 😏

Edited by Woody
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13 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Good luck to all

Not what I expected you to pick @Woody considering you’re playing PSG

What you have to realise is......i like to be different 😉


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Good afternoon vibe,

Here I am to reveal my choice of nation and players that are hopefully going to power in the goals for myself in this battle of the warriors. I went with Holland as my nation and the players I’ve chosen won’t need much introduction as I’ve gone for quality although I’ve never used any of the players previously so I’m intrigued as to how they will all develop later on if it all goes to plan.

Here are my chosen challengers.




Joshua Zirkzee

A truly great youngster with plenty of promise and my plan is for him to be the central striker as the main man.



Romano Postema

Judging by his lower value the weakest player of my challengers but I have high hopes for him. I’ve given him the nickname of ‘The Postman’ so hopefully he’ll deliver lots of goals. I intend to play him just off centre to either the right or left as like the next player I shall reveal he’s either footed which gives us plenty of options.



Myron Boadu

A winger striker type who will mostly play as a pushed up inside forward and hopefully contribute plenty of goals. Again like the postman he’s either footed and could play at either FL/FR or even CF so plenty of options if we decide to dabble.





Mohamed Ihattaren

Another promising looking youngster who looks like he’ll develop into a fine playmaker. I intend to play him on the left wing initially but he may well end up as a central midfield playmaker later on although I’ve actually signed Havertz for that role so we’ll see how it goes I guess. Anyway, his playmaking skill should come in useful even if he ends up as a full time winger you’d think.



So those are my chosen challengers and now I best make a start.


Thanks for reading.


Edited by Ian
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I had decided which nations warriors would be representing the nation of Foxlandia and so Harry the Hairy Herald was sent forth to gather them to the cause.

Harry approached the walls of the mighty city of Amsterdam and cleared his throat.

People of Holland I come to gather your four greatest warriors to the Foxlandia cause. Send them forth and together will bring great glory to our nations.


Then from the walls flew a single cog, straight and true it hit Harry right on top of his yud!

The people of Holland want nothing to do with Foxlandia or your leader Fuddled “Foxy” Fox. His defeat in the VWC brought great shame upon the Dutch people and we reject his request for our best warriors and instead we will offer our help to the mighty @Ian.

Then the gates of Amsterdam were flung open and the angry mob flew out.


It was all Harry could do to get away and he never stopped riding until he came to the walls of Milan.

People of Milan I request sanctuary from the Dutch and my master would request your greatest warriors to the Foxlandia cause....and a lasagne wouldn’t go  amiss either.

The gates opened and out strolled the three colossus of Milan.

Two were clearly goal machines.


And one looked like he could assist once he had grown a bit more.


This is all we can offer you Harry now leave our lands and don’t return until those three are legends.

Harry and the trio rode north and then west and came to the principality of Monaco. As he rode past worried he had only gathered three warriors to the cause a young man appeared.

I hear you require warriors who know where the back of the net is.

With relief Harry had found a fourth warrior to the cause.


Harry knew he had done well to get out of Holland with his life and he had done even better with the warriors he had gathered to the cause as they looked like they could fulfil his masters dreams of a triple 1kc. 

Let battle commence!

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A great story, felt like i was around the warriors fire on a stormy winters night.

A story that certainly warmed the bones for battle. 😉

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I was going to post, but then I found the world’s greatest poet - St Edgar Cumberstein - who wrote this poem for us.


(Photo of Durdle Door, where you can clearly see the stone missing from which a warrior was chiselled from)

On the bright Dorset coast myths and legends are born, 
From mother nature’s hands a warrior was sworn,
Chiselled by the stone of the famed Durdle Door,
Was the form of a legend not witnessed before, 
Rob was his name, followed by a terrifying tribe,
Who marched by his side as he stormed towards Vibe,
Where he would face Foxy’s masses, challenge Ian’s orange position,
And fight Woody’s army: the Spanish Inquisition,
‘But who is the tribe?’ this here poet hears you ask,
Four feared English fighters are charged with the task,
Blessed with great hair, Harvey Elliot shall assist, 
Three striking attackers who Rob did enlist,
Morgan Rogers is battle-ready and bred from the Mancs,
Joined by his neighbour, Mason Greenwood, who is built like a tank,
From the lineage of Dembeles Karamoko competes in this war,
Firing their way to the goal where they’ll continue to score,

As Rob and his tribe powerfully march forth,
Beyond the horizon Foxy comes from the North, 
Then from the West the scent of Woody appears,
Heard from the East Ian’s battlecry meets  ears,
Cultivated from the compass of conflict, picked from posturing pretence,
These warriors shall meet so let battle commence!




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37 minutes ago, Foxy said:

Will this be in shops ready for Xmas?

Its quite a strong over bearing smell, but it attracts the ladies like a can of Lynx Africa.

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Warrior Woody: Season One.

Welcome peasants, dwarfs, elves and those that like marmite(why?).

We ventured into the great beyond to conquer France, it will be an arduous long battle but hopefully a fruitful one.

1st we spent big to bring a squad together of ruffians and expensive rogues.








We bounded in to claim our 1st lot of silverware but unfortunately we could only claim a league title and the Champions Trophy.







We fought galently for the rest but unfortunately we lacked strength in those battles.





The battles were long and tough but would if been alot tougher had it not been for our 4 warriors.

I had assigned Beltran to supply the goods for our front soldiers. He was unfortunately found weary and was suffering from niggly injuries and had to be pulled from battle on numerous occasions leading to a poor showing.





Just 5 assists 😠


Our strikers performed well under pressure considering it was our 1st push across the country.

The trio seem to be striking up a strong bond in the face of battle.








A combined destruction of 67 goals.

My warriors did well and we hope that a 2nd foray will bring greater rewards.

Warrior @Ian will be up soon after his has completed his 1st battle.

I bid thee farewell.


Edited by Woody
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Got him just before the window closed. Always stick him on scout list and wait for someone to bid. 

Always done it that way on this years game.

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