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Career The Warriors: The Battle Ends

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6 minutes ago, Foxy said:

Really nice start and some very good growth from your warriors.

Thank you Warrior Foxy

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1 hour ago, Woody said:

Got him just before the window closed. Always stick him on scout list and wait for someone to bid. 

Always done it that way on this years game.

Interesting one very interesting 

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1 hour ago, Rob said:

Lovely start Woody, especially considering the players chosen.


25 minutes ago, Ian said:

Nice season Woody, your warriors did you proud.

Cheers boys. I know i'm pants at goalscoring challenges but i can put a decent tactic together. I love using players that dont look like they could draw a straight line never mind play football 😂😂

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Ian - Season 1

Good evening all,

I bring you the results of my opening season.



There was a decent amount of transfer action as I tried to develop a squad that would assist my warriors. Some talented players came in and I kept a few of the original squad most notably Neymar who I decided would be my first choice right winger.







Team Results

We won everything but we were anything but dominant as we were close to going out in every knockout round of the Champions League until the final that turned out to be relatively comfortable. We needed a penalty shootout to win the French Cup against a stubborn Rennes side and although the league was always going to be ours we weren’t so commanding as we dropped points in ten games.









My boys huffed and puffed in their first season as they adapted to a new climate. There were struggles for fitness with the odd little knock suffered along the way but each of them contributed well to the cause. It was the Postman who scored the most with 31 goals and Myron and Joshua followed close by with 24 goals each so a total of 79 for the season. My assist warrior only managed 11 assists as he isn’t quite ready to produce yet so I took the slow approach with him but I think he could well end up a terrific central playmaker later on.
















Season 1

Joshua Zirkzee: 24 goals in 47 games

Romano Postema: 31 goals in 54 games

Myron Boadu: 24 goals in 47 games

Triple Threat: 79 goals in 148 games

Mohamed Ihattaren: 11 assists in 34 games


So that’s my first season and plenty there to build on in season 2. @Foxy will be up next with the results of his opening season with his Italian boys.


Thanks for reading.

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12 hours ago, Foxy said:

That’s why I wanted to go Dutch!

Thank you Foxy, it was an unfortunate turn of events with me coming out before you in the draw but fear not I’m sure you’ll do very well with your Italians.

11 hours ago, Woody said:

And thats why i'm the worst of the four 😂

Cracking opening season Ian, well done mate.

Thank you Woody, your season was just as good or even maybe better considering the difference in player quality.

11 hours ago, Rob said:

Great opener Ian. Signing Gundogan and Ziyech.... never going to have happened! 

Thank you Rob, haha yes most of my signings would be considered quite predictable although I did branch out a bit in going for Williams and even Havertz who I don’t usually end up going for.

7 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Great work Ian. Bargain signing of Ziyech never got him below £50M

Thank you, yes he usually costs me at least £50m after a bidding war but this time the war ended early. I was in two minds as to whether to go for him or not to be honest as I had plans to go for Havertz but there should hopefully be enough game time for the both of them.

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Foxy Season 1

The battle begins and my warriors will need an army behind them if they are to conquer.

The PSG squad has a few decent players but mostly they are either average or just not suitable for what I wanted so it was a big rebuild job.



We did nothing in Europe but domestically we won two cups.



I hate the early seasons in goalscoring challenges when the players are young and inconsistent and this season was no different as the lads ground there way to 77 goals between them. They always developed nicely except for Selcedo who will either be a dud or a later bloomer.










My assister Cappanni is also developing well but his lack of stamina hinders his game time a lot. Even so he got 11 assists which is ok as a starting point.



Player Stats



So a decent enough start to this but plenty to build on next season.

That just leaves @Rob to update his 1st season tomorrow.


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Season 1 - Rob and England

In true Redknapping style I cannot resist the temptation to do large squad rehauls, which is what exactly what happened.

Aside from the main boys, my notable signings are Lt Bruno, Saul, Koke, and VVD. I am playing with one central defender, so VVD was my priority signing. It’s a shame this happened to him:


In terms of injuries to the main boys Morgan was the only one to get a long term absence. He fractured his ribs, no doubt laughing at one of my jokes.


We won everything except for the French Cup, with this being my favourite game:


As for the strikers, Greenwood led the way with the other two aiding decently. My plan is to get as many from Greenwood early doors as he is the most developed and then tweak set piece takers as the seasons go by. As a plan I have no doubt it’ll fail miserably, but my main target is to just get a TT. Harvey did decent on assists.



Other screenshots:




I forgot to take a Rogers attributes screenshot. 

The current standings of the warriors after one season is this:


But let’s not forget: the players are mere babies and have yet to grow in to the beasts they can be.

Let battle continue!


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3 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Great start especially Greenwood total

Thanks. To be fair Greenwood comes out of the box a pretty awesome striker.


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Woody: season 2

Greetings minions.

Seems i have my work cut of for me after the 1st round of games and my boys will hopefully begin to step up.

We invested in a few more players and allowed a few to leave.


On the grophy front it was a more fruitful season.

We won the league again and all 3 cups.


Have you ever seen a more one sided final that went to pens?? I couldnt believe it!



On to the players.

Beltran had a very indifferent 1st season but he did improve a little this time round. Not amazing but im happy that he got into double figures with 12 assists.


The 3 Padres did well to reach a nice 66 last term and they did even better this time cracking in a combined 87!





Pedro Ruiz: 54/95 games

Fernando Nino: 64/101 games

Antonio Zarzana: 36/90 games

Ian will be up next with another storming season i'm sure.

Be safe folks.

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