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Career The Warriors: The Battle Ends

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43 minutes ago, Foxy said:

Expectations all depend on the players you use and not only are there attributes improving nicely they are smashing in a great total of goals as well so well done.


29 minutes ago, Ian said:

Nice season there @Woody, your warriors are doing a fine job indeed.

Thanks lads, doing alot better than i expected tbh.

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8 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Not a bad season Woody but not great either. They’ll improve 

I’d say he is absolutely nailing it considering the players he is using. You may want to reconsider your comment. 

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21 minutes ago, Rob said:

I’d say he is absolutely nailing it considering the players he is using. You may want to reconsider your comment. 

;) better now

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Ian - Season 2

Here we go with our second season.



Holland went to pieces in the Euros and were dumped out in the first knockout round so Koeman was given his marching orders and I duly applied. After a few days I got the call that they wanted me as their new manager so that was that. None of our players have scored an international goal yet as you can see which makes things nice and easy.







I won’t go into much more detail on the international front but basically we started badly with a 4-3 defeat to England, rallied with a few decent results throughout the season and then lost out to Spain in the International League final so plenty of work to do but at least our trio managed a combined 13 goals for their country to add to our tally. There’s a bug with international whereby the players that are in the U21 squad when you arrive seem to stay there even if you call them up to the senior squad and that includes three of my warriors. It means that on some international breaks where the U21’s and seniors play in the same week they’ll play for the U21’s and then be tired for the senior game so quite annoying really and hopefully that’ll get fixed for the next version of the game.


Club Season



You can see where I’m going with this as a bunch of young Dutch players arrived to hopefully aid us at International level, it’s a risk though as the flip side is that it could hinder us at club level so we’ll see how it goes I guess.




Team Results

A fine domestic season with a clean sweep of trophies but Barcelona ended our Champions League hopes at the quarter final stage.










Our warriors had an improved season with a combined 94 club goals and it was Zirkzee who stole the show as he contributed 56 of them. He’s at the centre of the three and on all free kicks and penalties at the moment and when he was on a roll early on I just went with it but I may rotate them around a bit in the forthcoming seasons. Just a few little injuries for Boadu this season and I’m not happy with him at the pushed up inside forward position and if there’s no improvement next season I’ll be moving him central. My assist guy is not exactly setting the alight also and whilst it looks like he’ll develop into a fine player I’m not so confident he’s going to get a great assist total as the assists seem very spread out over the team on this system.

















Season 1

Joshua Zirkzee: 24 goals in 47 games

Romano Postema: 31 goals in 54 games

Myron Boadu: 24 goals in 47 games

Triple Threat: 79 goals in 148 games

Mohamed Ihattaren: 11 assists in 34 games


Season 2

Joshua Zirkzee: Club: 56 goals in 50 games, International: 7 goals, Total: 63 goals

Romano Postema: Club: 20 goals in 54 games, International: 3 goals, Total: 23 goals

Myron Boadu: Club: 18 goals in 46 games, International: 3 goals, Total: 21 goals

Triple Threat: Club: 94 goals in 150 games, International: 13 goals, Total: 107 goals

Mohamed Ihattaren: 19 assists in 39 games



Joshua Zirkzee: Club: 80 goals in 97 games, International: 7 goals, Total: 87 goals

Romano Postema: Club: 51 goals in 108 games, International: 3 goals, Total: 54 goals

Myron Boadu: Club: 42 goals in 93 games, International: 3 goals, Total: 45 goals

Triple Threat: Club: 173 goals in 298 games, International: 13 goals, Total: 186 goals

Mohamed Ihattaren: 30 assists in 73 games


Thanks for reading.

Edited by Ian

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On 02/06/2020 at 22:13, broodje kip said:

Decent season. How’d you manage to sign Pavon on 1st season? I’ve never been able to do that

Just to prove you can get him...a day before the window closed.


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4 hours ago, Rob said:

Boom, and there is a stonker of a season! Good to see Big Josh with a gpg of >1, but it’s a bit weird seeing his position stated as a poacher. 

Thank you Rob, I’ve got him as a poacher at the moment but I plan on changing him to a target man later on once his physicals hopefully improve.

4 hours ago, Woody said:

Brilliant Ian. Superb season. 👍

Thank you Woody, they did well and the international goals helped.

3 hours ago, Rob said:

Just out of interest @Ian who do you have on free kicks? 

I’ve been alternating it but I believe it was Zirkzee for most of this season. All three strikers have the unconvincing at free kicks trait in their coaching report and all except Zirkzee have the same for penalties so I’ll definitely keep Josh on pens. I think I’ll put the free kicks to the postman and Boadu from now on though with Josh being in the central position most often.

2 hours ago, Woody said:

Just to prove you can get him...a day before the window closed.


I’m pretty sure I’ve signed him in the first window a few times also Woody.

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Foxy - Season 2

The biggest development this season came before it even started as Italy got smashed 3-0 by Portugal in the Euros and Mancini got the sack. 

Obviously I applied for the job the Italian FA decided that Volpe Confusa was just the man they needed to take them to the World Cup and gave me the job.

All three of my lads have yet to win a full cap which keeps it easier when it comes to tracking goals but it does mean I need or contend with the U21 bug which means they will be selected and play in that squad as well as my senior squad but any goals they do get are a bonus.



My transfers were mainly focused on getting more of an Italian flavour to the squad so that I could develop a good core of youngsters for the National side.



On the pitch it was a successful season for PSG with a clean sweep of trophies but with Italy we lost in the Nations League Final to Spain.



As for my three goal scorers they improved on last year with 119 goals for club and country and there attributes are going up except for Selcedo but I am hoping he will simply be a later bloomer.

Pellegri - 37 club goals + 6 ITN goals = 43gls

Esposito - 46 club goals + 4 ITN goals = 50gls

Selcedo - 24 club goals + 2 ITN goals = 26gls

Total - 119 Goals

Career Total - 196 Goals 



My assister Capanni missed a decent chunk of this season with an injury so although he improved on last seasons 11 assists he only got 15. Some of his attributes are looking great but in other areas like teamwork and stamina he is very lacking and if they don’t improve I think he will end up being a disappointment in this career. 



So a good 2nd season with some nice improvements and hopefully things are on the up now in this career.

Thanks for reading.

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3 hours ago, Rob said:

Excellent season. Quite a jump in goals. You’ve also got a wonderful ITN team there. 


3 hours ago, Woody said:

Great upturn on last season Foxy. Well done. 👍

Cheers fellas.

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Season 02 - England - Rob

The main thing to happen was this:


I got the England job at the start of the season. Obviously there is the stupid u21/ITN issue, but otherwise I’m happy. Sterling, Rashford, and Kane are my three main forward backups if the boys are injured, which isn’t too bad. I’ll take as many minutes and goals as possible. All of the boys had no prior appearances or goals at full international level.



Transfers were limited, but going forward they’ll be England-focussed... until I inevitably get the sack one day.

We won everything except the French Cup...


...and my favourite game was the Champions League final where three of the boys grabbed a goal apiece.


Elliot got a four month injury:


He’s an excellent player, but my tactic doesn’t really lend itself to one player. I’ll be delighted with 300+ at the end, but somewhere in 200s will be good. He ended up with 15 assists this year.

The main lads got a further 122 goals, where international goals do truly help. Greenwood is leading the way with 119 so far.


So here is the current standings amongst the warriors:


Let battle continue!




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Brilliant season for the English boys Rob. I’m the same with my assist guy where he looks like he’s going to turn into a great player but the assists are so spread out on my system that I can’t see him getting loads.

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Woody: Season 3

Welcome one and all.

This season proved to be my proverbial brick wall and we hit it pretty hard.

I continued with the same set up as the previous season thinking it should be a foregon conclusion. I was wrong!!

We dipped into the transfer marking bringing in a string of freebies for the future and just 2 for a cash outlay in Benjamin Hendrichs and Jordan Pickford for a combined £90m.

The league season ended with us being champions once again but we struggled for genuine consistancy especially in goals.

Form and a huge fitness issue certainly didnt help but it was the form of my front 3 that disappointed me the most.

We also won 2 more pieces of silverware in the French Cup and the European Super Cup.



The Champions Cup run ended at the quarters with a poor showing againat Juve!



Our 3 Padres did superbly last season to get above 80 goals and i was hoping for something similar.

Nino and Zarzana had a shocking season and Ruiz had to drag them both through it beating his highest total with 33 goals.

Nino(19) and Zarzana(17) made up a disappointing total of 69 goals for this season.


A significant drop and its really knocked me back somewhat but i'm going to percevere and hope that it will improve.

A grand total of 224 

Good day to you all 😉


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Another great season considering the boys you’ve selected. Well done. I almost feel like you’re in a different battle than us because you didn’t use wonderkids and I will continue to reiterate that until the cows come gone. 

(And don’t forget to let us know the assists.)

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