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Chat Coming Back To FMM


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I played FMM for a while before switching to FMT, but thats getting to complex so coming back to FMM...  just a question, does it run OK on Chromebooks, and will FMMVibe downloads works, used these previous and they really help make the game better.


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25 minutes ago, Ed said:

does it run OK on Chromebooks

From what I have seen yes it does although it isn’t supported by the Dev’s.


25 minutes ago, Ed said:

FMMVibe downloads works

I would imagine so as it’s pretty much an Android device but again it’s hard to know because I doubt many have tried.

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4 hours ago, Ed said:

will FMMVibe downloads works

I’m not so sure as my iPhone doesn’t seems to be able to get the skin working. Some says that you’ll need to reinstall FMM but I haven’t try it yet

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