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Challenges Benfica as European Champions?

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When all year you perform well in your job - and expect a pay raise at the end of the year but you come to know that your company, even after flourishing in the business, denies you a pay-raise. What will you do, fightback or switch the company or maybe curse them? haha 

This man cursed his employer so bad that they are yet paying for it, even in the modern times. 

Can Benfica finally break "the curse of Béla Guttman" against Sevilla?

He is Bela Guttmann - a legendary manager who took over Benfica long back in 1959 from rivals Porto. 

Upon arriving, he embarked on a major squad overhaul to promote emerging youngsters and promptly won back-to-back Portuguese titles.

Guttmann's Benfica translated that success to European glory, breaking Real Madrid's stranglehold on the European Cup in 1961. Benfica then retained the iconic trophy the following year, but it remains their last European trophy of any kind.

Despite his incredible success, Guttmann was denied a pay rise by the board and legend has it that he cursed the club. There is no recorded evidence of exactly what was said, but the myth is that he declared, "not in a hundred years from now will Benfica ever be European champions."

57 years on, the wait continues after numerous near misses. Benfica lost European Cup finals in 1963, 1965 and 1968 immediately after Guttmann left, as well as further finals in 1988 and 1990. They even lost UEFA Cup/Europa League finals in 1983, 2013 and 2014.



- Take over Benfica and overhaul or retain the squad 

- Win back to back leagues and taste some European glory as well (UEL/UCL)

- No cheating and pls follow the regular rules of fmmvibe 

- Would suggest to post a career thread for everybody to follow your post 

- Do it for minimum 3 years... do you have what it takes to be Benfica's Guttmann??



- @dimashto - completed 

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19 minutes ago, dimashto said:

Season 1

I was happy with my squad but I was lacking in CF, so I signed Portuguese Wonderkid Fabio Silva. 












Season 2:

Last year I couldn't make out of the CL group because I had Liverpool and Real Madrid in my group. But still could make it to UEL. 

This year I had an easy group and made it  through with the 5 wins and 1 draw. 


I sold many players that wanted new challenge but also I got great replacements for them. 

(Camavinga got injured for half of the season in the middle of the season) 


My only loss was against Sporting after the Champions League Semi-Final win on away goals. 


Ansu Fati was the best decision I made in this Career













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@dimashto you might want to start your own Career with the above added to it, you are adding all your screenshots and attempt to the actual Challenge, usually you just post your score at the end on here.


If you have your own Career Post, others will read and post comments, but currently it looks like you are commenting about the challenge

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