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Challenges The Kevin O'Connor Challenge


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Hi Vibe...

I think I've finally devised a challenge that might interest some...

Of course, there's a Brentford angle to it :D


"Who is that chunk of hunk?", you're probably asking yourself.

That is none other than Kevin O'Connor himself. I know, right?

KOC finally hung up his boots in 2015 after a glorious 16-year one-club career with the greatest team in the world, where he has since gone on to join the coaching ranks. He racked up 501 appearances in total, good for 4th place on the club's all-time list.

One remarkable aspect of O'Connor's career was his versatility. As a youth breaking through, his nickname was apparently (!!) "Shearer" for his goalscoring prowess, but he never made it as a striker at professional level. He adapted, staying in contention as a youngster filling in on the right wing before becoming an integral player in centre midfield or at right-back under various managers. He ended up filling in as a reserve centre-back and doing a decent job during the bees successful promotion push in 2013-14.


The Challenge is simple, then...

  • Emulate KOC's versatile career
  • Choose any player and any club you want in the world
  • Play 501 games for one club. The Challenge ends when your player plays his 501st game for the club.
  • When the challenge ends, your player must have at least bright yellow in these positions: FC, MR, MC, DR and DC.
  • Alternatively, you can go FC, ML, MC, DL and DC.


Standard Vibe career rules otherwise - no custom databases, no unlockables, any coaching badge and reputation. Post a career thread so that we can follow your journey!


The leaderboard would be assessed on the number of Achievements your player has when he has played 501 games. To see this, go to the Player's page and choose the Achievements screen. Add up all the achievements, but the last column, Adverse, gets subtracted from your score.


I don't know if I'll get chance to do this this season, but I'll certainly try to have it on my agenda next season. Otherwise I hope it's an interesting challenge for some of you - let me know any feedback etc below :)

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2 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Interesting but what if the player already have yellow shades on all positions? e.g. Henrich or Milner

What if? You're already set for that part of the challenge, I suppose. Your choice, your player. You'll do well to get 501 games out of Milner though.

Henrichs still needs work at CB and CF, btw...

Screenshot_20200604-024716_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Edited by Mr Tree
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1 hour ago, Mr Tree said:

You'll do well to get 501 games out of Milner though

With Forest Green? He’ll bring us directly to the Premier League

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