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Chat A moral quandary

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I’m playing as Galway United. So, as a team in Ireland my budget is still fairly small and that’s after a few years of buying decent expiring contracts and selling them at a profit. It’s 2022 and due to some luck and a miracle goal at Camp Nou we made it to the Champions League Quarterfinal where we were beaten by Paris St. Germain. So, my question is this; would it be wrong to edit my budget to give myself the roughly 20-30 million I would get for qualifying for the quarterfinals? My squad isn’t bad but it’s by no means good enough to win against bigger European clubs without injury/red card/dumb luck. This would be enough money to possibly change that. Let me know what you guys think.

As an aside, this is on 19. I have 20 but my save got a little stale and I remembered the save I started in November of last had an amazing wonderkid and I wanted to see how his career played out. True 5 star potential striker as a 16 year old academy product.


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Personally, I think if you're being up-front about it, then it's all good. It's not like you're bending the rules ridiculously, and it's not like you're trying to pass off edited achievements as genuine. All good then, I'd say - good luck! End of the day, it's a game, it's meant to be fun :)

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