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Challenges The 50-50 1k Split Challenge

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This one was posted a few years ago by @Joewins but is a great all round challenge.

The Challenge

Very simple.....1 Player, 500 Goals & 500 Assists!

Any club and any player. All goals and assists must be under your own management so if you move clubs with the player then only those when you are in charge will count.


  • No use of the editors or myclub
  • Original database only.
  • Reloading is cheating.
  • Any League, any player.
  • No un-lockables unless achieved in the save.
  • To make it harder, just club goals and assists.


1. @danovic78 - 1,528 Goals and Assists


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Here is my attempt, no full career...just the highlights.

For this one I headed back to the league set up for goal challenges...China.

Of course I needed someone young and dynamic to aim for this one so I picked up a "wonderkid" that doesnt seem to have been used that much on here so far....Takefusa Kubo

Takefusa Kubo


Plenty of time to grow and he has the ability to play in a number of attacking postions which gave me the range to test out lots of different front combinations out.

Increbiblity I managed to drag him out till he was 42 years old! 😲

How he managed to keep going I will never know, he was "Definitely Retiring at the end of the Season" for 4 years in a row 😆

At the end I am sure he could barely move around the pitch.



In his amazing career he finished with 767 goals and 761 assists for a total of 1,528



My career also took me to lead China for a number and years and I managed to secure back to back World Cups, just missing out on a third one on pens.





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9 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

The most goals + assist will be top of the leaderboard right?

Yep, I have added my score to beat!

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