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Chat Finding the game too easy?

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Hi everyone, first time posting!

Having picked this game up for the first time in around 5 years, I first managed Brighton for 3 seasons taking them to 2nd in the Prem League. I then thought I'd start a parallel challenge by starting a new game as Eastbourne Borough in the Vanarama South (£0 transfer budget, minimal wage budget) with stats hidden for added difficulty. The first season was initially challenging as I settled on a new formation (3-4-1-2) and swapped most of my team out for free transfers (mix of younger than 17 and older than 33). I finished second after a strong second half of the season and went up in the playoffs. Second season I won the Vanarama National by almost 20 points (107 points, 99 goals). Now in the summer I've signed another 15+ youngsters who are I'm sure going to be good enough to play all the way up to Championship (or Prem?) level in future years. I've sold all my players older than 23 as my youngsters are far better.

Now I certainly put lots of time into searching through and scouting players and I'm very thorough about training regimes, mentoring and squad rotation etc, but I've noticed two major issues (bugs?) that I think are contributing to my success and making the game feel too easy:

1) If I offer a player to other clubs they seem to offer me whatever I want (i.e. I just offered one of my £30k value midfielders for £800k and got 3 final bids straight away)

2) Large clubs release youngsters (i.e. 16) who seem to me far too good and are willing to sign on the wages I'm offerings (£1k/week). Maybe that is just that they seem good to me in the context of League 2? Or is there some hidden algorithm that assesses that they will never be good enough to cut it in the top league? Why am I able to sign them unchallenged?

Anyway, I would be interested to know your thoughts. If I cruise League 2 this year I'm not sure I will be bothered in continuing with the game as it will not seem like a proper challenge!

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1) when the players are playing for smaller club, the club wouldn’t actually know how good he is compared to bigger talent in the game. This one mostly happens when you’re trying to buy Tonali back in FMM 19 where Brescia at the time were in the Serie B so Tonali will come for cheap or even undervalued due to the fact the coach/manager having lower youth/ability judgement.

When playing in a smaller league this will made every single player value going down which would be the reason we will found some hidden gems like McKenna/Fegusson. We also need to keep in mind that different countries means different currency although it didn’t really applied in FMM it does effects the player value.

2) A few reason could make this happens. First, it could be the player happiness like wants a new challenge, unhappy with contract, wants more game time(quite ridiculous but it does happens) and even homesick could make it. Other reason is they could actually have deep pool of better players in the same position making them not renewing it.

Youngster are very predictable, they will join your club as long as you can give them game time and enough wage. I’ve snapped Messi regen while playing in League 1. He eventually winning a few World Best Player while I was playing in the Premier League.

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