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Anyone knows a way to search for trainers/coaches in the game? I really would like follow on some of my favourite coaches and see how they do at different clubs, just for immersion reasons. But I dont know of any way other then cycle through each and every club to find the coach im looking for. 

I know there also is a trainer world ranking but except for the yearly 3 winners I cant seem to look into the full ranking list, or can I?

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While there is no function to “shortlist”/follow managers, you may manually view the best 50 managers.

This can be done as so:

1. Ensure Your “display Game Center pages” are turned off (or at least whenever you want to view the managers)7189F8AA-DA4D-4A84-AF59-6AD69EA6E529.thumb.png.44d53e5e9dc4288584f245bfe204a59c.png

2. Next, Go to “Hall of fame” Tab0DF46B4B-7573-410F-9B65-B3073FDDF483.thumb.png.d8b121b0f83a81e647500bebc39724ad.png

3. They will display the best 50 managers and (fingers crossed the managers youre looking for are in the TOP 50) You may just tap on the manager names to see which manager you would like to view.


Hope I’m helped!

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