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Career Kanegan's Greatest Hits Vol. I- InsFwd Challenge (Complete)


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You must remember me as your friendly neighbourhood coach, Kanegan. I have had many adventures in the supreme land of football and have conquered many obstacles but what i am about to embark is the greatest of all time because what i have found is a time machine.

That's right, a time machine which does not have any data to enter. It runs on his own mind and so i did not know where he landed me up every time but the 1st one was always a surprise and when we landed over in Marseille, my first reaction was:

"Why always me"??

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Welcome Vibers to my latest concept. This thread will be dedicated to all the challenges that i have yet to attempt and i will keep that in a single thread so that i don't clutter up the space of the forum.

Now, you all can get involved. I will be running either a poll or a prediction contest at the end of every challenge and the results or the winner will determine my next challenge.

So, hope to see some support from this wonderful community and make this thread a success.

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3 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Interesting idea this one. Good luck eith whatever the first challenge will be


1 hour ago, gunnersaur said:

Good stuff ... Great idea looking forward to it

Thanks guys. 

1 hour ago, Kun Aguero said:

Something to do with Balotelli in the first challange? Nice concept and good luck in dominating all those leaderboards 😂

Thanks mate. Somebody got to do the hard work isn't it? 😁

And you are right. We are talking about your own challenge. Did you forget? 

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                                                                                Monologues of a Time Traveller 

                                                                                                     Entry #1


Last i remember, i was gunning for the race with Rayan Cherki in tow in the Chinese capital but he ditched me after the initial sprint, deciding to pack his bags to be with Red Devils. I was crestfallen and then i found this time machine. I switched it on, not knowing what to expect and it landed me on the beautiful city of Marseille with a note where my next mission was written.

I had got a chance to solve the biggest enigma in the supreme land of football. A specimen who could have achieved great things but he pressed the self destruction button. Can i find him his place in the sun? Only time will tell.




Challenge - Super Mario by @Kun Aguero



1. Get maximum goals/assists/penalties from Balotelli (+ 1 for each) (-1 for each missed penalty)

2,  Ligue1 title with Marseille (+20)/ Champions League with Marseille (+30)


Prediction Contest:

1. How many penalties will Mario score in the 1st season??

2. How many goals will Marseille score in Ligue 1 in 1st season??



Thanks for following and any feedback is appreciated.


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13 hours ago, Ian said:

Good luck with Mario.


3 hours ago, Titjes said:

Good luck mate on your adventure 😉

80 goals & 8 pens 😋


59 minutes ago, Rob said:

It’s a me-a-Mario

Thanks guys.


Predictions so far:

@Kun Aguero - 75 Marseille goals and 15 Mario penalties

@broodje kip - 100 Marseille goals and 20 Mario penalties

@gunnersaur - 65 Marseille goals and 10 Mario penalties

@Titjes - 80 Marseille goals and 8 Mario penalties

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Season 1

So, we start this journey in Marseille looking to get Mario back to his glory.

Transfers Out



Didn't wanted to sell Thauvin but had to do it due to the money. Always loved him.

Transfers In



Bassogog & Baptistao was brought in to be the two wingmen for Balotelli.

Season History


We won the Ligue 1 but exited both the cups.

League Performance



We hit 100 goals in the league with Balotelli leading in both goals and assists.





Balotelli even gets himself a place in the World XI.





10 penalties for the season.




So, 46 goals and 17 assists from Balotelli for the season.


Challenge Summary



Prediction Results

@Kun Aguero - 75 Marseille goals and 15 Mario penalties

@broodje kip - 100 Marseille goals and 20 Mario penalties

@gunnersaur - 65 Marseille goals and 10 Mario penalties

@Titjes - 80 Marseille goals and 8 Mario penalties


So, @broodje kip & @gunnersaur gets a point each from the 1st Prediction contest.

The next update will be 2 season long and i will be back with the prediction contest.



Thanks for following and any feedback is appreciated.



Edited by Kanegan
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5 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Great work there. It seems like Mraseille aren’t playing any European competition :( 

Thanks Kip. Not yet but they will play now.

2 hours ago, Kun Aguero said:

Winning the Ligue 1 in first season was impressive. Good job with Mario as well.

Thanks Kun. Ligue 1 is not that difficult with right players. Mario did a good job for me.

1 hour ago, gunnersaur said:

Great season man well done

Thanks gunner.



Prediction Contest:

1. Where will Marseille finish in the Champions League in Season 2 ??

2. What will be the goal tally of Mario at the end of Season 3 ?? (He is at 46 goals for me now)



Get your predictions in.

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