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Career Yossi Benayoun Challenge {Completed}

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Did this short term challenge as quickly as possible - thanks to pre season friendlies, where i was able to test this technique and boom it worked quite handsomely for me 

Player I chose - James Rodriquez

Club - Liverpool 

So he played in friendlies + CS and scored 1 or 2 goals in each - it was before a slight tweak in my tactic, he was able to achieve 1/3 of the challenge by scoring a hat-trick in first league game against S'oton) 

Then for most of the matches i rested him - didn't want to risk him to injury 

In first match of UCL campaign - against some team called Red Star - he scored his hat- trick - boom 2/3 challenge completed... 

Then again, rested him and played him in a couple of matches here and there, just to satisfy his ego. 

4th Jan was our FA cup fixture and against Exeter city - well, the rest is history - his penalties duties is what that helped me complete this challenge in minimum of the games 








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15 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Great work that’s very quick with only 7 games took. How’s James in game? never try him

It's all about playing him with the right tactic - i got him coz of high shooting stat - it was either him or Talisca.

Talisca was happy playing in china and didnt come - so naturally James became my choice and yea he is decent - good with FK and setting up goals. 

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