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Career The Academy Challenge

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Evans Frimpong just submitted his application to Charlton Athletic after gaining success in achieving his Gold badge.




Evans is taken into the press room for an interview.

Board: Why do you want manage this club

Evans: I've been following this club from my childhood and I know it has a philosophy that matches mine.........................





I. The terms on this contract must be between the the two of us, thus, you and the club, no third party.

II. Any quoted or mentioned amount of salaries or wages between you and the club should not be disclosed to anyone.

III. Situations at the club must not be disclosed to outsiders.


It is our aim to build a potentially world class academy to produce prospects in the coming future. While we are working on this, we are urging you to not buy any player from different club but you can give contracts to the free agents between the age of 15-21. We also urge you sell any player who gets 25+ y/o. With this aim, we are still monitoring the on the pitch situations because we have another aim to become a force in European and World Football. We knew this is going to be tough so we are giving you 5yrs unsackable contract to start business with an option to renew with which we can also sack you if you are failing to reach our objectives.


  1. Do not buy any player from diferent club.
  2. Sell all players aged 25 and above
  3. Only sign free agents between 15-21y/o
  4. Create a world class academy in 10 yrs.
  5. Make a force in world football
  6. Conquer the world in your contract spell.



Evans finds favour in the eyes of the Charlton Board members. They believe The Manager has what it takes to lead the club to their ambitions in the coming years.








GENERAL INFOScreenshot_2020-06-15-15-18-33.thumb.png.018a43ac1b9bc55261abd4d89e0fcfb3.png


GAME SETTINGSScreenshot_2020-06-15-14-45-09.thumb.png.b29df7de658f35c6c5e200b2cb52bdd8.png


Hope it will catch interest of you so your comments and suggestions are welcome

I will update you on season basis.





Pick a team with good(average)/good(average) facilities

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THE ACADEMY - End of Season one

Fans: Evans nearly took the club to relegation in his first season of his campaign at Charlton. I'm afraid.Screenshot_2020-06-17-11-51-48.thumb.png.2c5152151e2358a40592eb5ee679af39.png

-He was just playing with kids in the entire seaseon. He would have been sacked by now if not the terms on his contract which have been protecting his job but surely that will be for only 5yrs.

-Oh what are you saying? A kid does not wear Jersey. Haha. He's just inexperience.


-Let's give him the benefit of the doubts because he was given nothing to buy his needed players.

-He saw the terms in the Contract, he should have rejected if he thought he can't produce us the needed results.

-But the club knows it is going to be tough that's why the first gave him 5yrs unsackable contract to build the team around.

-I didn't heard about that but if that is the case, then I can even manage the club.

Press(A): That is the end of season one for Evans' Charlton. What are your thoughts?

Panelist(B): Well, I'm actually suprised with how they managed to fight back from the relegation zone. You see, playing 46 solid matches and losing 26 and conceding 92..sorry 91 is something crazy that one should not be proud of. However they only managed to win 14 out of it and gave us 6 draws and scored 72 goals out of it making difference of -19 goals left. Now let me tell you some thing, with this struggling, there was a 3key players that were holding the team on their  shoulders, taking the off from relegation, they were the bravemen. Talking of Ben Purrington(13 assists 42), Ibrahim Frimpong(8goals, 12assist in 28) and Macauley Bonne(30goals, 4assists in 47). They need an award. Bonne was even chasing for the top scorers award.Screenshot_2020-06-17-11-33-05.thumb.png.05551da40a34bda6638bec1cdd869ddf.png I'm very greatful of their performances.Screenshot_2020-06-17-11-52-45.thumb.png.7983a49bbc77ad37113426ae1578e5fc.pngScreenshot_2020-06-17-11-53-01.thumb.png.0d12de84b74b23ff7e602ddfac08b998.png

I don't want to pass on my judgement because he could have than better if he has the ability to sign needed players. All he could sign was free agents.Screenshot_2020-06-17-11-50-03.thumb.png.2d690772dcb3eb5d40d698b766b35d8c.png

But managed to do some business.Screenshot_2020-06-17-11-49-48.thumb.png.1310439ece529db3061ddaceb5c1b81c.pngScreenshot_2020-06-17-11-49-03.thumb.png.5aa9a3552c41a911a6efa60f868209e1.png

But all this money is for renovations of the the club facilities.Screenshot_2020-06-17-11-55-07.thumb.png.b1325caf8870ea430571dd9364fad57c.pngSo, for not going to relegation, I will conclude by rating them 30-100. Lets see what they can do in the next season.

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THE ACADEMY - Season Two

All things are cleared, all roads have been oppened for the new season to take off.

Charlton has offload some of their burdens and onload new faces to their squad and we are just hoping that they wont turn into rubbish.Screenshot_2020-06-17-14-29-40.thumb.png.86d54b345b5f6773e6eb87ec489212a9.pngScreenshot_2020-06-17-14-27-57.thumb.png.5e2e8399ae38c1af6e1600e546e6fa60.pngScreenshot_2020-06-17-14-28-24.thumb.png.1749d151e664c8ac91eb861deee3c8f1.pngScreenshot_2020-06-17-14-28-29.thumb.png.0d8624a5a83c4c928525ad156d56a7fd.png

The academy has also shown kindness to the eyes the Charlton's Manager by giving him five prospects to lookup on in the futureScreenshot_2020-06-17-11-53-56.thumb.png.ec6d64a7c45fddb4cde103b8daf2ae44.png Hopefully they will be of good use.Screenshot_2020-06-17-12-00-14.thumb.png.3a6930f892873f1b83ce8020880c6716.pngScreenshot_2020-06-17-12-00-07.thumb.png.13162349a90edd1ba225c28eaff3b7b5.pngScreenshot_2020-06-17-11-59-58.thumb.png.9ff6b3326df8ee8bfdf7c088baf9216d.pngScreenshot_2020-06-17-11-59-46.thumb.png.b12432d62386a3eee31132b63d13b1c2.pngScreenshot_2020-06-17-11-59-53.thumb.png.654bbefabd3e92a6bbf55e689ffcbcaf.png

TEAM REPORT- SummaryScreenshot_2020-06-17-14-26-52.thumb.png.dbf480faa566dc15f92de08377f2192c.pngScreenshot_2020-06-17-14-26-57.thumb.png.32d020ffe501063978ac41dfdeb98f16.png



Club Stats for new seasonScreenshot_2020-06-17-14-27-18.thumb.png.1414e5450bd27cacf7afd0433f955efb.png





added 0 minutes later
27 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

😮 very close! Lets hope for better next

Hopefully, everything will be in place

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THE ACADEMY - End of Season 2

And that's the end of the 2nd season for Evans at Charlton. He got a lot of recipes but he is yet to get the best and the right one for his team.

Fans: Hey, this time there was huge improvement in the team than than last season, how come?

-  Yes, but we started the season ugly, if not, we would have gotten ourselves promoted to the premiership, oh God I cant wait for this they.

- Yes, i'm impressed. I was criticizing him him last season but today I'm here praising him.

- Yeah, that what you have to do to get the best out from the team. What I will never forget is the Carabao cup win against Almighty Liverpool and the final against Man City which we came out as the champions, he's got his first silverware.

- See you later.


PRESS: That's the end of the season, and the 2nd season for Evans, I hope you got time to withnessed what happened throughout the season so let me hear what you have to say.

Panelist: Well,...(an applaud) fantastic, I mean absolutely fantastic. Last season, they were fighting for relegation-free this, not. They came up to 13th position, the winning rate cam up which also decreased the number of loose. Also they were able to scored more than what they conceded which gives us a lot of hope for the future.


Out from the league, they were the best team in the Carabao Cup. They trashed Liverpool 3-0 and what amazes is the come back agaisnt Brighton, when they were 3-0 down after the 1St leg in the semis and managed to score 4-0 and it was away where all hopes have been wiped from the fans and the fellow championship clubs, but this team came back and went on to draw a 4-4 thrilling game against Manchester City and put them at rest after 7-6 penalty shootout win in the final. This has qualified them to the UEFA Conference League.


Infact,Evans has overturned the team, and I'm expecting him to get them a promotion to the PL next season. The team looks all round, defenders are doing their job at their level so as the mids and the attacks.


Press: So who is your Charlton player of the season?

Panelist: I can't choose. Everyone was doing his job and they all deserve one credit.

Awards and Nominations

Sky bet Championship Manager of the year


Sky bet Championship Player of the year


Sky bet Championship Young Player of the year


Sky bet Championship Top Goalscorer



The Club did some business and has invested the Club's facilities.


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That’s an improvement. Good luck it’s a tough challenge. 
That youth intake at the end of season 1 is incredible. I’m lucky if I get 1 hot prospect a year. That should pay dividends in the coming seasons. 

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19 minutes ago, smoggy90 said:

That’s an improvement. Good luck it’s a tough challenge. 
That youth intake at the end of season 1 is incredible. I’m lucky if I get 1 hot prospect a year. That should pay dividends in the coming seasons. 

Thank you, I was very lucky to get those prospects. I'm preparing them for the future

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THE ACADEMY - Season Three

After some months of no football in the country, the Charlton players have started training again.

We saw a wide improvement in the team last season and we wish to see more this season.

The board has given the Manager their club's objective for the season


The Club has added some bosman and graduates to their squad and also looking to offload some goods in the process of the season.Screenshot_2020-06-19-22-39-21.thumb.png.1f1ada83e3d0c781e2c8fbe28c7c2a09.pngScreenshot_2020-06-19-22-39-25.thumb.png.45d34e2cede7dc752fb3a726b1d64494.pngScreenshot_2020-06-19-21-08-48.thumb.png.27471880036b7f3c5b59108b7ba47402.pngScreenshot_2020-06-19-21-09-33.thumb.png.05769928239f4a4aa641d9b4a6459341.png

The club has presented their registered squad for the season to the fans and the FA.Screenshot_2020-06-20-05-57-57.thumb.png.1d1e3241a35f7c279fcd0550b2e3cee5.pngScreenshot_2020-06-20-05-58-07.thumb.png.28fcc603d60799732c38452e9372857b.png

Charlton is still using kids as the squad average age is 21.04 years


Finances- due to the terms not favouring the manager to buy players, the transfer budget have been slashed to the wage budget to ensure the manager does not buy.


Depth- The club has a very solid depth in most of the key positionsScreenshot_2020-06-19-22-19-00.thumb.png.02562464b71bce5f80bf439a09c19886.png

The Summary of the clubScreenshot_2020-06-19-21-11-35.thumb.png.8185403db1120fe73a03bdc5f1e71760.pngScreenshot_2020-06-19-21-11-46.thumb.png.f78399be179df43015935421ecbbbf20.png

The club appeared unbeaten during the preseason break




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THE ACADEMY - End Of Season Three

Evans! Evans!! Evans!!!

The supporters are shouting the managers name at the highest tone of their voice.Their modes have been set to jubilant by their manager.

The city is now looking like a pub

There is joy everywhere in the town

That wasn't what they were expecting but it was what they got.

No one would have ever dreamt about this but it is happening, yes, it has happened.

None of us is going to forget this moment.

They've showed us a pure class this season.

Season Review

We have Clinched the Sky bet Championship title by going undefeated. We won 30 and drew 16 out of 46Screenshot_2020-06-24-08-58-17.thumb.png.e267455dcb53a33165c1b02af3d73221.png

We were able to Win the FA final cup 3-2 against Chelsea, inspired by Ibrahim Frimpong's brace.

We also go beyond England to win the UEFA Conference League from Torino.Screenshot_2020-06-24-11-03-15.thumb.png.80ba8abc678768994ab211d881c03adf.pngScreenshot_2020-06-24-11-03-24.thumb.png.f05e1767f55c2f77d44dbd476b80d076.png

By winning the Championship title, we have gained promotion to the Premier League next season.Screenshot_2020-06-23-14-09-04.thumb.png.60801d4f2d94d4c93e8ba6a3867aff13.pngScreenshot_2020-06-23-14-24-36.thumb.png.1abe241677a53ea777efe74f2fb27ab6.png

Player StatsScreenshot_2020-06-24-08-59-33.thumb.png.f3f5115a2b33f761c927ccca88614327.pngScreenshot_2020-06-24-08-59-54.thumb.png.3972baaaa3c64e0b7c2105910d124e59.pngScreenshot_2020-06-24-09-00-25.thumb.png.dce7d8bf5c89df44beaae50dda18abfb.png



Players SoldScreenshot_2020-06-24-09-15-13.thumb.png.a3a558cc753c8cced39a5fd49c8a46c1.png


General infoScreenshot_2020-06-24-09-05-23.thumb.png.70f4ce14a1286df82b73ff3fd816af68.png

Board Confidence Screenshot_2020-06-24-08-38-21.thumb.png.d75d22635720eda69252f6603a45def0.png


May this not set complacency in the team as they have a tough task ahead next season.

Edited by Frimpong Evans
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13 minutes ago, Ian said:

A very successful season, well done. Good luck in the premier league next year.

Thank you @Ian I appreciate your wishes. I hoping to stay and build the team in the PL

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Too bad, I have ended the career by accidentally overwritting another save on it, i'm sad. Dear followers I'm really sorry that I couldn't complete this challenge.

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