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Career The English king of Monaco


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Attempting @danovic78 challenge.

So with no much time by my side, it will take longer time to finish this career challenge.

here we go 

Who's the striker, 

Nothing special, he was excited about the opportunity for this challenge.



Well it wasn't actually who I expected to sign, but the board, the fans are excited to him in the team roaster.


Update coming next

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busy these days has make the update a bit slow, hopefully will be completed this weekend.

Season one Completed. 

My striker slot into my formation like butter to bread, scored high amount of goals, missed exactly 11 pk, though scored the last two pk before last match, infact was a freekick king, never had anyone cheap more than 15 freekick a season.


My midfielder couldn't make to much assist, drop points trying to stick with him, but anyway 15 assist looks good considering his age and stats.Screenshot_20200619-234819.thumb.png.2328a4a975743903fc896df0dc834f42.png


a remarkable achievement, two trophy won, but our best is yet to come, only if our strike main his form which get him England National team call up. although he missed Euro with Injury.Screenshot_20200619-230311.thumb.png.a6fa15a3e1b7322b5f4029e42eab92ad.pngScreenshot_20200619-222334.thumb.png.8670334ce55f04bd628d900c7e3a201c.png



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3 hours ago, WannaBePep said:

What are your tactics dude?! Spill the beans.

Actually just the normal 4231, sometimes the inside forward or winger's, most importantly how the first few minutes plays out, I toggle with widths either Attacking from center or side by side.





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Is FMM20 transfer this easy. I just discovered offering your own player in exchange reduced a transfer amount regards to your player value. This is new for me,


Signing a lot of expiring contract player's during January, gives you millions at the end of the season. have exploited this for long.





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season 2 update

league and cup champion

it was a really close one thanks for some important last minute winner.


Striker on top form yet another season, but I had to drop my AP, to form a Midfield three as a 451 winger's to start scoring.



Midfielder couldn't find his form on time, as he was dropped to form a Midfield three, playing from center as AP, maybe because due to our overall Attacking from both sides, reduced his impact, but still some important assist like the 94th minutes Grant winner was the reason to keep in love with him.


Season 3 update shortly.

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