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Career Kettering town RTG (WIP)

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Ive not posted a career before, well not for a few years anyway..is posting screenshots from the end of the season acceptable.  I wont be including ingoing/outgoing transfers as there is alot and tbh there all young freebies that no knows anyway..

so im thinking post, league table, team setup,league top goalscorers/assists, and overview of club, is this enough, thankyou and apologies for being a noob

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I think it's up to you!

It does depend somewhat on whether you are trying a particular challenge - then people might want to see more information like transfers. That said, I once did a 1KC where I just posed the history screen after I'd finished, no season by season updates because I was too busy to write them up. I wouldn't recommend that, but it's possible.

Actually if you have a particular challenge in mind, then I'd ask the person who created it. But if it's just a general career, post what you want! 

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End of season one..I won't include transfers..there's a lot

I started the season really rubbish..so a team rebuild followed consisting of free transfers

Club information: -



Team Setup: - (just built the tactic to go with my players)



Best players for me at the end of the season: -



Finally the finish to the season: -



That's it season one over..a rocky start then building a new team and working out good tactics..thanks for looking


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