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Help Question regarding wonderkids

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Hi, apologies for the noob questions. I started the game two days ago with a Leeds career.

I sent my scout on a youth search in South America and found a player called “Reinier”, my scout identified his potential ability as 4*. I have a wonderkid on loan who is great so I formed the opinion that wonderkids would always turn out good and bought him as an investment to improve on in the following seasons 


However, after a few weeks his potential went down to 2.5*. Does this mean my scout report was initially wrong or is it wrong now, how can I predict his actual potential? Is he just awful and I was wrong about wonderkids?



If he is worth it, how should I go about training/improving him if I can’t loan him out this summer? 


Thanks in advance! :)

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with his age, do you see the tag 'needs to mature if he is to improve further' on him? You can also consider loaning him out (but you said that is not possible)

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It’s because of the amount of game time you gives. I saw he’s unhappy with rotation role so that means you barely even play him. The other thing is his poor form. He got only one 7 and nothing 8+.

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Just ignore the ratings from your staff. These change a lot depending on other players at your club, the player's form, etc and are normally pretty inaccurate. They are also supposed to be inaccurate, because in real life you can't tell how a player will turn out. 

It's worth noting that there's no way to see the real CA/PA (which don't change) in the game. If you buy the In Game Editor it will show you star representation of the real values and someone (no names mentioned) will hopefully be releasing an app that shows the actual values at some point.

But really, having access to that information is a double edged sword, as it can spoil the game. I play some 'cheat' careers while testing my app and I always lose interest in them much faster than my 'real' careers where I don't have access to that information. 

As for Reinier, I've only used him once but he's pretty good and my advice would be play him as much as possible (unless he hits the 'needs to mature' thing). He should level up quickly with game time. If you can't fit him into your team, then yeah, loan him out if you can, but I'd probably just stick him in the team, even if it's only every second game or something. 

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