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Challenges The Carlos Bianchi Top Scorer Challenge

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The Carlos Bianchi Top Scorer Challenge


Bianchi is an idealist; a man who sees football in the simplest terms. For a man who has won a record four Copa Libertadores titles, it’s all about quality and numbers. The best players win things. Bring them together – in mind and in focus – and glory is inevitable. That’s the Bianchi school of thought, and it made him a legend.

Bianchi himself was a teenage prodigy, rising through the Vélez youth ranks to make his debut for the club in 1967. His first season, in which he would be crowned top-scorer, would remarkably represent the high-point of his career in Argentina. Winning the Torneo Nacional was just reward for a fantastic Vélez side, considered by many to by one of the greatest in the club’s history.

In 165 games for Vélez Bianchi scored 121 goals, earning a move to Stade de Reims in 1973. By now – and little could Bianchi have known – his Argentina career was already over. At just 24, and with seven goals in 14 games, Bianchi had already played his last game for La Albiceleste. The disappointment at such a meagre return would drive Bianchi to success in his managerial career and create a bitter relationship between Argentina’s most successful manager and the national team for years to come.

Helping the French side to a fifth-place finish in Ligue 1 in 1976, Bianchi continued to prove himself as one of the best goalscorers of his era. Plundering 107 goals in 127 games in the top-flight, he was a masterclass in touch, striking of the ball and intelligent movement. His own career drove him to the natural assumption later on in life that quality is what matters. It’s ironic, then, that despite Bianchi’s undoubted talent and world-class statistics, he won very little as a player.

Bianchi’s zenith came during a spectacular two-year stint with Paris Saint-Germain between 1977 and 1979. Notching 71 goals in two years, including winning the Ligue 1 top-scorer award with 37 strikes in 1977/78, Bianchi cemented himself as one of the club’s greatest players. Indeed, until a certain Zlatan Ibrahimović waltzed into Paris with the determination of a charging rhino, many still considered Bianchi to be the club’s greatest foreign striker. He stands tall with the likes of Ibrahimović and Safet Sušić as one of the finest imports in PSG history.

The Challenge Rules

  • Load up France and any other leagues and take charge or any Ligue 1 club.
  • Sign any (or use at club) any Argentinian striker.
  • The challenge will last for 7 seasons.
  • You must secure the top league scorer award at least 5 times in the 7 seasons, this must also be achieved with three different french clubs. 
  • Usual other rules apply



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