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Tactics Smashed the opponent's defensive with coach Luis Enrique

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Hello everyone, one thing for sure is that everyone who loves football and especially those who love Barcelona knows the coaching trio of MNS strikers Luis Enrique.

In Barcelona, Luis Enrique retains the same traditional tiki-taka play.  But the difference between him and Pep Guardiola is that he doesn't use too many full-backs and midfielders when attacking.  With quick play and bringing the ball to the MSN trio as quickly as possible, Luis Enrique has made Barcelona a true three-headed wolf.  As we all know, wolves often hunt in groups and they do not stop hunting.  That said, we can see the chemistry of the MSN trio and the ability to score well.

So, why don't we re-establish the MSN trio?  It seems that this is not easy to realize in real life.  But in Football Manager Mobile 2020 is possible.  Let me show you the strategy of Luis Enrique, let's get started!


Formation: 4-3-3

Team mentality: Choose Control, this will help the players control the ball and the game better.  The players will make fewer mistakes, avoiding the opponent to score first. The players will actively pass more, one of the important things in tiki-taka play.  I often choose Control and select only Attacking when the opponent scores first.

Width: Select Narrow.  When attacking, the narrow range of the team will help the players pass more accurately and faster.  And one thing in particular is increasing the rate of players doing "plays one-twos".  The tip is that you can see it in Positions -> Role Traits of a player

Tempo: I tried to play the tempo players as fast as Luis Enrique but I found that with this tempo the passing of the players was not good.  The number of complete passes is not good.  So I think normal tempo is the best


Defence: settings like this screenshot will help you create pressing play.  Your team will quickly change status, from defense to attack, from no possession to possession.


Attack: Luis Enrique did not impose too much play on the MSN striker trio.  He allows them to play freely, do what they like, of course there is a benefit to the team.  You may not choose anything in the "Final Third" section, which will give the strikers more creative freedom to attack.  I chose "Work into the box" because I wanted the players to make the most of the opportunities, avoiding long-range shots that wasted scoring opportunities.  And ask the players to penetrate the opponent's goal to create certain threats


That's all the way to make Barcelona with MSN coach MSN assassins.  I wish you success with this trio







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