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Tactics Dagenham 3-2-3-2 L2 to Prem 5 seasons

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Dagenham 3-2-3-2 L2 to Prem 5 seasons

Had 2 seasons at Gateshead where I won the VNN and finished 8th in the Conference before Dagenham who had just won the Conference that season manager left and I decided to jump ship when they offered me the position as manager.

My objective as soon as I joined was to get the club up to the Premier League as quickly as possible playing free flowing attacking football , I achieved this within 5 seasons , it would have been 4 if I had not lost in the championship play off final one season on penalties! 

This is the tactic I went with:




As you can see it's a very attacking gung hi style with no regard for defence , my version of the ultra attacking exciting football saw at Newcastle under the days of Kevin Keegan!

Having a sweeper allows the two BPDs to advance with the ball utilising the two BBMs I have employed to transition the ball quickly from defence to attack 

When in attack we can have about 7 players all in and around the box ready to score but not many people back to defend which can cause some very high scoring and interesting games such as this:


It's turned out to be a tactic that has lead to an insane amount of goals being scored in one season , 125 but also the most leakiest defence in a season with 90 goals conceded! 


These are the season results from my first season up until winning the Championship:






Having managed to get so far with this tactic and be able to lead Dagenham out into the Premier League playing in their new 30,000 seater stadium I was not about to change my style of football which in hindsight was a bad decision as it lead to a mediocre season finishing 20th with a terrible 25 points 


So as you can see this is a very effective tactic for blowing away the opposition in the lower leagues and climbing the football league pyramid quickly but will definitely need changes made to be able to compete with the big boys of the premier League! 




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